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So one of the biggest values of Game of the Year talk is finding out about games you wouldn't have normally heard of. So basically want to know what everyone thinks are some interesting games that came out this year and why. Specifically in new mechanics or taking a concept we've seen again and again and done differently. Doesn't have to be a top 10, just looking to start some discussion.

Starting off here's what I got and checked most these as 2013, call me out if I'm wrong or if another game has done this mechanic before...

  • Cart Life - New spin on real world simulation genre by showing the most basic of daily decisions
  • Papers Please - Similar to Cart life but now the tough daily decisions also effect other people!
  • Year Walk - First game I've seen that makes use of having headphones, a multi-touch surface, and whatever the thing is called that knows when you've flipped it upside down
  • Brothers - Each hand for the controller is a person
  • Metro: Last Light - The level of management when traversing the surface without a 'traditional UI' (Mask wiping, filter checking, amount of ammo in your gun)
  • Bioshock Infinite - The addition of the railway system to fights, making them a mobile thing instead of cover based design
  • Stanley Parable - To do as the game does NOT intend
  • Banner Saga: Factions - Your percent of health is directly related to how powerful your damage to others is.

So that's what I got so far, if you want to suggest other games (Terraway for example I can't comment on as I don't have a Vita) then please let me know cause I'd love to try out more games with neat mechanics.

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The Last of Us multiplayer, the ship combat in ACIV, the heist system in GTA V, the everything in Rogue Legacy. While the rail system in Bioshock Infinite is in theory quite good in practice there were only a handful of fights in the game that used it well enough for it to matter much; most of the time it did little to relieve the tedium.

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Nick Ramos.

(eh? eh?)

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@fredchuckdave Which part of Last of Us? I'm assuming the meta game version of it which sounds super neat. Also did the ship combat improve that much from AC3?

@shagge touche

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Killer is Dead Gigolo vision?

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I think that Saint's Row 4 deserves some credit for what might be the most complete open-world superpowered experience so far, despite a litany of licensed games that are out there.

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@shagge said:

Nick Ramos.

(eh? eh?)

(imagine that gif of Orson Welles clapping)

You Deserve It!

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Actual working Magic Eye pictures in Gone Home

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Aces Wild is an action game where your "wild' meter increases when you deal damage and is used to do special attacks. The twist is that the higher the wild meter, the more damage you deal and take, making you this ridiculous glass cannon. Teleglitch's dynamic camera zooms in and out depending on the size of the room/hallway and whether or how far you're aiming or not. That and its line-of-sight view, adds to its spacial awareness. I also thought that making the parry forward and light attack ,in Metal Gear Rising ,was a really smart way to tell the player to be offensive.

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The Banner Saga's hit points/damage being a single stat is an extremely interesting choice that results in some really rewarding tactical planning.

The application of roguelike elements into other games is going to be remembered as a 2013 thing, the way we look at Autolog in 2010 directing the modern style of leaderboards.

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@thurbleton: The multiplayer just functioned as though you were actually in a pseudo-combat situation; the objective wasn't sprint at the other team as fast as possible and kill someone then die immediately and respawn immediately; you don't move quickly you don't aim quickly, you spend time crafting equipment and things; the gameplay is much more deliberate and thus much more tense and riveting than your generic shooter of choice. There's not really an enormous advantage to being super twitchy either.

@brodehouse: You said roguelike? Crucify him!

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Character switching in GTA V. It was awesome. So free and well done.

Sure, there were times because of the story, you went able to switch to certain characters. I don't recall a fame allowing me to switch on the fly like that. It allowed me to be able to play each character in. Different style. Have a customized car that suited each character. It was like an RPG where you crested your own character times three. Not the mention how it gave the story and deeper meaning. I loved it! One of the most innovative use of telling a story.

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With games like Papers Please and Cart Life coming more to the forefront, i'm really loving this trend of gameplay emulating the feeling of real life. Not in some "Train Simulator 2012" way, but genuinely turning the core of life decisions into interesting gameplay mechanics.

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The most interesting cart life mechanic is where some gameplay important mechanics would break (cash register) and then the author refused to fix it and blamed community for bothering him/looking for excuses etc etc.


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What about Revengeance's chop chop body master mechanic ?

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@sub_o said:

What about Revengeance's chop chop body master mechanic ?

Was already in Afro Samurai.