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In my opinion, I have to give it to MGS 4 for being the most Theatrical game of all time. A deep, personal story of the struggles of one man fighting at, and long past his own limits to survive.. amazing character depth, powerful and emotional cut scenes, smooth To Game play transitions.. Its just a work of beauty..

Yes, I enjoyed sitting the controller down for 20-30minutes at a time to be WOW'd by the depth of the story..

So anyways, that's my opinion, whats yours!? Most theatrical game of all time, and why!

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Why is 'Theatrical' a proper noun?

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It is simply the emphasis of the discussion, so I figured I'd help some people out ofc.

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Asura's Wrath, by far.

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@kadash299: 20-30 minutes at a time? You high or something? There were a couple parts in the game with over 90 minutes of continuous cut-scenes. So, yes, by definition I think MGS4 is the most theatrical game ever.

But, while I definitely like MGS4 a lot, I think Uncharted 3 is a better fit, because the game parts of it are pretty theatrical too. Aside from that motorcycle chase, and the fight at the very end (which is barely gameplay), most of the theatrical stuff in MGS4 is just in the cut-scenes.

EDIT:@MikeGosot said:

Asura's Wrath, by far.

Actually, that's probably the right answer. I really should play that game!

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@kadash299: I'm not sure if that's how the language works.

Anyway, what does Theatrical mean, anyway? Because that movie Safe with Jason Statham is pretty much identical to a Max Payne game, where you're gunnin' down everyone in sight, whether they're mafia, cops, gangs... doesn't matter, shoot em' all. So Max Payne 3.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

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@Trevorisamazing said:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

OMFG, You're right, You win sir.

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Heavy Rain is pretty theatrical as well. To the point where some people don't even consider it a game.

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Just played through Max Payne 3, and I'd say that felt pretty damned Theatrical. So much action, and drama. God that game is good.

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Shenmue 1&2. Just because.

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Asura's Wrath or God of War. So much emotion and drama.

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I'm not really sure what you're asking. If you're asking which game has the longest cutscenes, then I guess you found the correct answer...

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MGS4, although I don't think a game being theatrical is really a good thing. Games can still have emotion and characters without resorting to cut-scenes. The real question is what is the most gamiest game of all time?

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@Red: Tetris

I'm going with Asura's Wrath, having just played it last week. MGS4 comes close.

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Actually it is Heavy Rain in my opinion. There was no 90 minute long non interactive cut scene but the entire game was assembled to be like a movie from the ground up. At no point did you ever stop and have a hud pop up, or have the option to go wander around at random, it was designed from the ground up to basically be an interactive movie. MGS4 and Asura's Wrath are not interactive movies no matter how many long drawn out cut scenes they had.

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Super Mario Bros 3 seeing as it's a stage show. I dont think you can get more theatrical than that.

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walking dead!

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I think you're basically trying to ask "What's the best game to pull off a cinematic style?" Not, what's the most theatrical. Anyways, while I'm not sure MGS4 is my favorite, I'll go with it because I do agree that it's fantastic and if not the best, one of the very best.

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Whoever made the Max Payne dream levels is an ass. Just saying.

Most theatrical game... hmm... I am going to go with something a bit different, how about Enslaved odyssey to the west?

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Having not played some of the more popular answers (Uncharted series, Asura's wrath), my vote would have to go through the first Bioshock. Had some very good character set pieces that really emphasized lighting and their crazy monologue. MGS4 though gets a notable mention. I feel I enjoyed the spectacle of MGS4 more than anything theatrically meaningful from anybody other than Snake.

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@Red said:

MGS4, although I don't think a game being theatrical is really a good thing. Games can still have emotion and characters without resorting to cut-scenes. The real question is what is the most gamiest game of all time?

I've been wondering if so-called "cinematic" games are really a good thing or not. I keep jumping back and forth between answers because Uncharted 2 has proven that it can be a pretty cool ride, but it's also proven that a cinematic game will never be more than what you see the first time around. Something crazy awesome might happen, but that same thing is going to happen every single time and apart from doing the right things at the right times the player won't have much input as to what happens. This is as opposed to something like Just Cause 2, where a few days ago I was in a car race and the army helicopter that was chasing me blew it up. What did I do? Why, I stole that helicopter and then finished a car race with a helicopter! And the game let me do it! That sort of thing was amazing and, to me, better illustrates what gaming can be than any so-called "cinematic" game will be.

Speaking of the term, "cinematic" is what's generally used when talking about games that are like movies. And the Uncharted series is probably the best cinematic game out there, though what you mean by "most" is something I'm not sure of.

As for the MGS franchise, it's far too overwrought and overwritten for me.

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@MooseyMcMan: You should totally play Asura's Wrath! I think it's pretty cheap now.
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