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Aww shit, fuckin' five star thread.

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ocarina of time!!!1

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Maybe support your choice? How lazy can you be making a thread?

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I was going to come in here and say.........

So I guess you are half right.

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Goemons Great Adventure is fantastic. I don't know of any underrated ones though. Though the other day I did stumble upon a Quest 64 review which criticized the game for not having gameplay as good as mario 64 or a story as good as ff7. Cause that's a fair complaint. Not that Quest 64 was good, but still.

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Diddy Kong Racing

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That's a funny way of spelling Mischief Makers.

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I remember that game.. yet i can't remember a whole lot about it.

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I thought Goemon's Great Adventure was pretty good, but its final area was just too fucking hard for the young me and then for the slightly older me. I would, however, nominate Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon for the position. It was like playing a Super Mario 64 mixed with a 3D Zelda Game, with charm derived partly from a good art style and partly from humor only poor localization could deliver. And, it had ludicrous robot boss battles like Goemon's Great Adventure would go on to have.

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@BrockNRolla: @Shady: DKR and Mischief Makers are also good choices.

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Body Harvest, so ahead of its time.

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Gauntlet Legends

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US N64 Box Art

yup. that about sums it up.

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Superman 64... nah just kidding I didn't even own a Nintendo 64 at the time. PlayStation all the way baby.

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quest 64 is the ultimate test of a player's willpower and self-motivation, hands down

Runescape is a close second, but at least that game has social features

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@AmatureIdiot said:

Body Harvest, so ahead of its time.

Body Harvest was the first game that popped into my head when i saw this topic too.

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I never see this game mentioned anywhere. Its like it never existed.

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I wish you wouldn't do this, because I think you're right, but you're giving the game a bad name by making the exact same spam thread every time with a different account.

Edit: actually the other threads may have been about Mystical Ninja 1, but they're still eerily similar and all unfortunately contain little to no context.

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@BrockNRolla:I hope you aren't joking there. I loved that game!

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@Shady said:

That's a funny way of spelling Mischief Makers.

I was thinking the same thing.

Must be some of those weird crazy foreigner boxes.

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@Jayzilla said:

US N64 Box Art

yup. that about sums it up.


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I dont care what anyone say, Diddy Kong Racing was a better game than Mario Kart 64.

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Yes please.
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No mention of Tetrisphere or Blast Corps? I guess no one really rates Blast Corps low…

As for Tetrisphere, I understand why they had to use the Tetris brand — after all I'm pretty sure my stepmom bought it for my dad because he was into Tetris for the GameBoy — but I don't think the name does it justice. There is so much variety and inventiveness packed into the seemingly bland concept of Tetris, but on a spherical field that the name really sells the game short. It's like… imagine if Super Mario Galaxy was called Super Mario Sphere.

And I would definitely say DK64 belongs in the top 5, maybe even medal contention for most underrated N64 platformer, but am I only saying that because you can play Jetpac and the original Donley Kong? I'm not sure myself. There's also a craptonne of variety in there too, and some of those boss fights were pretty cool.

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Goemon and Glover.

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Snowboard Kids - I had so much fun playing four-player split screen with my friends and family. Much better than Mario Kart 64 as a go-kart inspired racer in my opinion.

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Space Station Silicon Valley, duders!

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Explain your choices people...


It would have to Space Station Silicon Valley. Holy god was this game fantastic. You played as a little spider who could 'posess' any animal he came across, and they each had special abilities. The animals would range from a dog who could scare sheep, to a an elephant who could spit water, to a ROCKET DOG WHO COULD SHOOT ROCKETS. Oh, and guess who made it ? Rockstar North.

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@Suicrat said:

No mention of Tetrisphere or Blast Corps?

Hold on, bro, I got this one.

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Mace the dark age You can fight as a chicken. Nuff said

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I have to go with Tetrisphere. I bought it on a whim just to get something for my aging N64 and it says "Tetris" on the box so I thought "What the hell?". I had no clue how much fun it was going to be. I prefer playing this to playing regular ol' Tetris, but it can't beat out Tetris Battle Gaiden.

I wish this game would come out for the 3DS.

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Quite a few I can think of: Mischief Makers, Ogre Battle 64, Goemon 64.

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@Erzs said:

@BrockNRolla:I hope you aren't joking there. I loved that game!

I'm serious. I thought it was going to be a lesser Mario Kart, but I ended up playing Diddy Kong Racing to death.

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Mystical Ninja is a great game.

I would go with Majora's Mask, personally. The game did well enough, but it was one of the worst selling of the major releases.

Being that it is my personal favorite, this makes me sad.

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@Flacracker said:

I never see this game mentioned anywhere. Its like it never existed.


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Mario 64, Ocarian of time, Majora's Mask, and star fox 64. Great games no one ever heard of.

But seriously probably command and conquer. I can't remember what the name of it was...

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Space Station Silicon Valley, duders!

Hey! Stop changin the station!
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Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Directors Cut and DK64.

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Glover. /end thread

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US box front

When it comes to the N64 my fondest memories is of playing Armorines with a friend. It was my first time playing a game co-op instead of vs or needing to make some arbitrary rules to take turns with a solo game and it blew my mid that we could play together at the same time! Also, look at that amazing box art! How could you not want to play that?

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@crusader8463: Oh god. I remember that game. The only thing I really remember about it besides shooting giant insect like ailens is there was one part that was so dark that I couldn't see on my TV where you had to actually go. I played it on the playstation however.

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@Demoskinos: We didn't get very far in it as I rented it and he was only there to play with me for a few hours one afternoon, but my god was it an experience. I still remember the layout of the very first level in my head like it was yesterday.

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@ImpendingFoil said:

I was going to come in here and say.........

So I guess you are half right.

This is the correct answer.

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The only games I owned on N64 were Ogre Battle 64 and Conkers, so which ever one of those is less popular then that is my choice for underrated.