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With all three consoles having some form of motion control device be it the Wiimote, the PS Move, or the 360 Kinect it seems that console makers want to be on the motion controlled band wagon to get everyone into the game. But I myself have yet to see or play with anything that convinces me that any one of these devices is more suitable than a standard controller. Even with my Wii I find myself plugging in a classic controller when I have the chance to use it settling for the Wiimote and Nunchuck, when it's my one and only option to play the game.
As for the PS Move and the 360 Kinect I still fail to see any games that compel to run out and get one or why I would substitute my controller for either of those devices to play Call of Duty. Especially after the abysmal showing at E3 I feel even less encouraged to spend the money on these devices.
Though it's not to say that there aren't any good examples of motion sensitive games like Red Steel 2, Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition, or Metroid Prime 3 ,but ask yourself honestly if you had the option to use the standard controls would you use them instead?
That's just my two cents though folks. What are your thoughts?

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Resident Evil 4 has been one of the only games I have enjoyed playing with a motion controller.

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I am all in on both cause then the game might go into rampage mode when it notices that I have just thrown my controller at the tv out of frustation

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I enjoy using both a regular controller and motion controllers like the Move and the Wii remote. I still don't count Kinect as a motion "controller" .. Using that thing I am the motion controller no matter how stupid that sales speech sounds

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I like me some buttons and sticks.

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I'm not interested in motion controllers. At first I thought it might be cool, tried it and wasn't blown away. I'm too lazy to be waving my arms about. I just wanna lay back and twiddle my thumbs.

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Both, I suppose. But motion stuff is more about novelty than legitimate gaming to me. I only do motion gaming at parties/with people in the house.

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As time goes on I hate motion controllers more and more

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I don't mind motion controls, but I much prefer standard.

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If the game does motion controls in a way that's fun and adds to the experience, then I'm all for it. I've been playing Red Steel 2 recently, and that game is really fun! And if it was played with regular-ass controls, I don't think it'd be anywhere near as much fun. 

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I say both, there have been times when motion makes it a much better game, other times I prefer buttons. Motion can stay, I really liked the use of it in Ocarina 3D, but don't force it.

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I feel like games that want you to use motion controls should give you the option not to, but I think motion controls can work really well when they're done right, especially in first person shooters.