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When nintendos next console come out will they have to have motion controls again? Or will they change it?

#2 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

its a sure bet that they'll build upon the idea, but not only nintendo

#3 Posted by Shawn (3825 posts) -

They'll add in a feature where you can smell whatever you're playing, and they'll claim its the biggest thing to ever happen to video games.

I got $10 on that.

#4 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

im still hoping for a neuro-controller 

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It will have to, really. I just don't see it NOT happening. More advanced stuff obviously, but still the same concept.

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thinking of it that would make ero games even more interesting that the wii mote
wow the future is just ... wow

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I see a return of the power glove. : p