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So I was bored at work today so I googled my username today just for giggles to see what came up. As I figured my Giantbomb profile and Xbox ECT were all top results then on the second page of results I saw a listing for a site called MRKK.org and it straight up is GiantBomb. I dont think it is just a redirect or something either as Im logged in on my phone. I think this goes way beyond using the API just wanted to bring it to attention. Not sure if anyone is going to care or whatever but figured Id give a heads up anyways.

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Its giantbomb's twin brother..


I guess the copyright law would work perfect for this.....

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Oh, God damn that's creepy to see my twin.. self.

Fucked up, creepy.

Also wtf, "uh-mer-kkuh" .org?

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I don't think it's a rip off as much as it is a complete copy. Everything is updated to the minute.

It's a different domain but..... everything is the same.

Did anyone inform the staff of this?

Edit: Just sent a message to support.

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@stonyman65: Exactly why I brought it up. If someone could tag Rorie that be great. Im on mobile ATM.

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woah someone should email the mods or staff.

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@rorie should take a look at this.

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Yeah, rorie should have a look see..

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You know what it doesnt have... are the adds. For a non paid member its add free.

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Yeah, a little weird. I don't think a proxy used by CBS would be hosting it on a server called "buy.internettrafic.com".

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Its a little behind too. Only the first two posts are showing up there from this thread.

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How about the part where the tab in Chrome says "Giant Bomb - Video Game Reviews, video, forums and wiki"? This is some shady stuff...

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I liked it better when they had purple text and translated everything into Russian.

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Its funny, so now they know that the people on the real GB is aware of them. Its like the twilight zone of inception.

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maybe is giantbombs backup files just in case the site dies

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Top men, help!

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@darkvare said:

maybe is giantbombs backup files just in case the site dies

Made public? Nah, this is something weird.

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Or it's a window into a parallel dimension.

Where all of our other selves are barbaric and have goatees....

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Thanks, I passed along a note to our legal department. We'll look into it.

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This is clearly the work of Rival Video Game Website.

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Shadow Rorie is preparing a lawsuit against Giantbomb.

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Release the CBSi hounds of justice!

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GB justice will soon prevail and all will fall. Its doppelganger is going down.

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What is even going on.

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@firecracker22: Oh god you fucking scared me. Please change your avatar.

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What is even going on.

A hollow of GB is trying to take over, but it won't happen.

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my guess, fake site to get people to type in passwords

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Hello over there! ... (waiting for my echo)

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I just sent this thread to Rorie on twitter, he says their legal team is on it.

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Whatever you do, don't click the store page. "storegiantbomb.zlxx.org" shows up in the status bar when hovering over the link.

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I don't even...

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I bet that's where the lawful evil version of Hunter5024 lives.

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oh god...its like standing between two mirrors and realising that version of you that you can barely make out way in the distance is moving on its own....

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Loading Video...

I love you for posting this.

Seriously. That made my day. Thanks dude!

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Oohhhhh, I think I now what this might be. A while ago somebody mentioned a method of accessing premium content without being a subscriber, I'd throw out a guess that this is what they were talking about. That's real scummy.

E: Nevermind, I tested it and it won't let me view any subscriber videos.

@scullinator said:

You know what it doesnt have... are the adds. For a non paid member its add free.

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@tycobb said:

Whatever you do, don't click the store page. "storegiantbomb.zlxx.org" shows up in the status bar when hovering over the link.

I was just checking the source code for that fake site and it does some weird redirection.For example if you login on real GB you go to "auth.giantbomb.com/login", on a fake site it goes to "authgiantbomb.cdgames.org/login". It also have some other weird sites weaved into it zlxx.org, chitika.net, forumbuy.org etc.

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I don't see the end game of the scam. They could harvest passwords if people log on or money if they buy from a fake store - but it isn't like anyone is going to stumble across the site by accident (expect that one dude who made this topic).

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Fuck! Ryan Davis even died in the alternate timeline ;__;

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Too bad they don't have the videos, maybe it would work better than on here.

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Someone call Clippy

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This is real, real weird.

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On July 16, 2013 the internet gained self awareness...

Fuck! Ryan Davis even died in the alternate timeline ;__;

What happened, happened; Jack.

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And now everyone that went to the link probably has a virus.

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I'm only willing to meet shadow me if I get a persona out of it.

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oh shit Cbs legal team is going to run ruckus !