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#1 Posted by Raven_Sword (4050 posts) -

This question has obviously been asked before, but im genuinely curious how people who own multiple consoles divide their time between them. Do you have a go to console for multiplatform and just have the others for exclusives? or what say you?


Me personaly ive lately been using my 360 for most my multiplatform and its exclusives. My PS3 is used for multiplats that are better on it like Portal 2 and LA Noire and Exclusives and my video playing stuff like Blurays and Netflicks streaming, and I dont own a Wii. Main reason im using my 360 more for multiplatform is due to the fact they come out better over there most times. 

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19109 posts) -

Use my Xbox for everything.  PS3 sits there and collects dust and I use my Wii from time to time to play new exclusives.

#3 Posted by Raven_Sword (4050 posts) -

You should atleast play the great exclusives PS3 gets. there quite good.
#4 Posted by darksan00 (73 posts) -

that depends on the games that come out. I switch multiplats between ps3/360, depending on online, superior version, extra contect, etc.

I get multiplat shooters on 360, the rest on ps3, or depends. Valve games on pc. Exclusives each it's own. Lately I've been playing the pc more, because games like borderlands and portal 2 are greatly superior on pc.
Haven't touched the 360 much since reach.

#5 Posted by Claude (16607 posts) -

I was like all PC, then a game came out for the Wii, then a game came out for the Xbox 360, back to the PC, then back to the Wii, then back to the Xbox 360, then I said I love my Wii but...back to the Xbox 360...PC? Wish I had a PS3.

#6 Posted by cheebaking (124 posts) -

PS3 ever since I got it. I don't touch the xbox due to the hassle of the cables and lack of space. Which is weird because I'm sure there's exclusives that I'd enjoy playing but just because its packed away under a box or two, I leave it.
For a while PC was my main place for gaming until graphics decided to jump forward and leave old towery decrepit.
So basically if something catches my eye for the 360 I'll get it but mainly i'll stick to the PS3.

#7 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1830 posts) -

Until very recently, I almost only used my 360. But I've started purposefully getting games for the PS3 so it's not just sitting there. 

#8 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -

Always use my 360 while my Wii and PS3 collect dust

#9 Posted by ikabubu (211 posts) -

Whatever I feel like playing, really. If you're asking how I decide to buy games to increase each console's "mindshare" (yep, I used a buzz-word): I prioritize exclusives, which give each console a good foundation (a good reason to play them).

For multi-platform games, I usually rationalize like this:
a) 360 for the large community/multiplayer focused
b) PS3 for some sweet PS3 exclusive content that they seem to like to do recently for all games (and just some sweet exclusives, in general)
c) PC for whatever game is obviously a PC 1st production and/or a uniquely PC experience, like, say, the Witcher 2.
#10 Edited by hinderk (690 posts) -

I buy most of my games for the PS3 or PC. I also play my older consoles a lot.I only really use my 360 for exclusives and games that are significantly better on it.  

Edit: I also play my wii whenever there is a neat game on it.
#11 Posted by Vade (395 posts) -

My 360 is the main console which I use to play most of my online multiplayer stuff and fighting games (got 2 sticks for local gameplay). I use my PS3 mostly for movies, exclusives, imports and games that happen to run better on it compared to 360 (LA Noire for example). Wii is the party console for 3+ player local multiplayer. PC for PC shit.

I don't really buy that many games on PS3, not really into the exclusives.

#12 Posted by EchoForge (159 posts) -

Wii, PS3 and 360 owner. Haven't touched the Wii in at least a year. PS3 my go-to for fighting games (I like the controller and I do have a stick for it). I started with the 60 GB PS3 but when I got an 360 Elite, and especially when I could install games, I played everything on that, except for the exclusives. Then I got a 250 GB PS3 so it started to not really matter. So overall, it breaks down to shooters, character action games (Vanquish, Enslaved) and sports games on 360, fighting games and RPGs on PS3. But of course, if I hear there's a 'better' version of a game, I just get that.

#13 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

My Wii plays the Wii games. Besides that, I pretty much only buy PC-exclusive games on my PC, aside from FPSs, which I always get for PC if I can. Anything else that's multiplatform goes to the PS3.

#14 Edited by Enigma777 (6068 posts) -
@ikabubu said:

Whatever I feel like playing, really. 

Nailed it.

As far as picking which version to get, I usually get whichever version is superior or has any exclusive content. If they're identical, I usually go for the PS3 version because I think those cases look better than the lime-green 360 ones (plus I hate that eco-case shit) and because BDs are less likely to scratch than DVDs (and I don't like multiple-disk games).
#15 Posted by Terry_Bogard (303 posts) -

Used to play my 360 the most, but I haven't really turned it on at all this year. Mostly because I'm poor and can't afford new games. PS3 is pretty much for PS1 games since I don't care about anything else on it. I had to use my Wii for internet for awhile.. which was a nightmare. Now that my computer's alive again I don't really use it that much. So I haven't really been using any of them. =\

#16 Posted by ajamafalous (12278 posts) -

All PC, 360 for things not on PC.

#17 Posted by niamahai (1394 posts) -

360, Wii, PS3 and PC owner.

Mostly on 360.. coz of.. for the cheevos.

PS3 for the exclusives (last played was Sly collection)

PC for PC-centric games (Witcher 2 atm) or games with Windows Live support.. y'know.. for the cheevos.

Wii... last game I bought was Muramsa (3mths ago...), but haven't played yet. Maybe with the new Nintendo console I might start playing all the old Wii games.
#18 Posted by Barrock (3563 posts) -

360 98% of the time.

#19 Posted by key_of_zee (6 posts) -

I use my PS3 about 90% of the time since I am not big into online gaming and love the PS3 exclusives.  I also use it as a blu-ray player and as my netflix streaming device and for my old PS2 games and for the PS1 downloads.

The Xbox is used for shooters and that is about it.

The Wii will be dusted off if and when Skyward Sword comes out for it.

I use my Mac (yeah I said it) for steam games and whatnot.  Played Portal 2 on that "console" haha.
#20 Edited by GetEveryone (4459 posts) -

I'd say about 60-70% on my PC and 30-40% on my PS3. I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to choosing what to buy on which. If there's a good deal on Steam, I'll usually buy something on that, and I've begun to favour it overall. Though, nothing quite compares to the tactile feel of getting a new console game, starting it up and hitting the sofa for an extended period.

When I had my 360 it was about 40 % that, 60% PS3 (but I only took my PS3 to university with me, so that changed during certain parts of the year).
#21 Edited by crusader8463 (14441 posts) -

Back when my PC could still run games, it was 100% PC. Now however, it's about 90% PC, 10% PS3 and 0% 360. 
I tend to go on weird binges every few days and will spend most of the day playing whatever the current game in the PS3 is, Persona 3 FES at the moment, then around sundown I will spend the rest of the day on my PC. So days like that it's about an even 50%/50% split on my PS3/PC. 

During the day none of my "friends" on Steam are around, because one is sleeping and the other is in school, so I will go to my PS3 during those hours. However, at night when they wakeup/get home it's back to my PC to play something with them. Though admittedly it's been a long time since I played anything with them since my computer can't run any of the games we used to play any more. So because of that I have spent several days on my PS3 almost exclusively, but then it's always followed by the same amount of time, if not longer, where I never touch it and just stick to my PC. I'm currently in one of those stints. I played almost nothing but Persona 3 FES on my PS3 for about 3-4 days, then I just stopped and it's been about a week since I touched it.

My 360 however, that I have not turned on in years. I only play consoles for the exclusives that I can't get on my PC, and I honestly can't recall the last time the 360 had an exclusive. I bought a copy of Deadly Premonition that I will some day need to turn on my 360 to play, but other then that I have no reason to turn on my 360. Maybe this E3 will change that, but I doubt it.

#22 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5827 posts) -

For the last few days I've been using my PS3 to play L.A. Noire for a few hours before going to sleep, and in the morning I plug in my 360 and play Outland or something else.

#23 Posted by MEATBALL (3723 posts) -

I wind up buying most multi-format games on the 360 because usually a mixture of performance/achievements/controller wins out over the PS3 version, so between that, exclusives and downloadable titles most of my gaming time is spent with the 360. The PS3 and Wii get used whenever I've got something new for them. If I don't have have anything new to play it really just depends on what mood strikes me and what kind of game I want to play. PC gaming gets a slight look in on the odd occasion that something will run on it without my computer locking up, but even then I'm not as likely to spend as much time with it because I don't enjoy gaming on my PC with the set-up I have (or with a mouse and keyboard, for the most part).

#24 Posted by Kandycane2029 (511 posts) -

Mine is primarily on the 360. My brother has been borrowing my PS3 since last summer, and I just starting downloading games on Games for Windows Live in January, but haven't had much access because I work during the day and other people usemy alienware PC in the evenings.

#25 Edited by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -

This sounds stupid, but I really prefer the look of the PS3 boxes over the ugly green 360 ones. So I've built up a nice little collection of PS3 games simply because the boxes look better. Plus the new PS3 logo looks so cool now. All the PS3 games I have are either exclusives, or are games that look and play exactly the same as on the 360 (which are most of them). So the box thing is one of the many OCD things I have.
Although I still do have plenty more 360 games than PS3 games. 

I'd say I divide my time up between them equally game-wise. But the PS3 wins out overall because I use it as a DVD player, Bluray player, and for Netflix, because the Netflix interface on the PS3 is so much better than on 360.
#26 Posted by Jolt92 (1609 posts) -

Mostly use my 360, then I play Wii exclusives and lastly I use my PS3.

#27 Edited by Freddie_Bert (46 posts) -

I play my 360 the most. Preferring the controller and achievements to the DualShock 3 and trophies is my main reasons. I've also had a 360 for the longest amount of time, so it became my favorite thanks to that, partially. I use my PS3 for exclusives, that's pretty much it. If I want to watch stuff on my tv I use my PS3 for that as well, easier to set up a media server on it than a 360. The Wii pretty much gathers dust, I've only got a few games for it. Still bust out the PS2 from time to time, especially now that I got the Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection.

#28 Posted by xyzygy (10104 posts) -

Multi platform EVERYTHING on 360. PS3 is for the rare exclusive that I enjoy, like Demon's Souls. Will be getting Dark Souls on 360. There really isn't much that I'm looking forward to on PS3 besdies the Last Guardian.

#29 Posted by Th3dz (348 posts) -
  • PC - 10%
  • Xbox 360 - 90%
  • Wii - 0%
Damn I hate that Wii thingy taking up space in my room!
#30 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

I'll play valve games and RTS games on PC, I might switch over my Mass Effect playing to PC too. My 360 is my main console. I'll always buy multiplatform titles for 360 unless there's a good incentive to get it for PS3, like one disc and extra content for L.A. Noire on PS3. My PS3 will just be used to play the occasional cool exclusive game, other than that it will stay unplugged and only be used to play a bluray movie every now and then. My Wii.....is locked away somewhere in a closet. I forgot when I last touched it. 

#31 Posted by UnrealDP (1224 posts) -
@JJOR64 said:

                    Use my Xbox for everything.  PS3 sits there and collects dust and I use my Wii from time to time to play new exclusives.



Yeah thats pretty much it, but i do spend alot of time with total war on my pc.
#32 Posted by StealthRaptor (536 posts) -

I much prefer playing shooters on the 360, just because I like the controller better. Other than those, I always check multiple reviews to find out what the optimal platform for any game is. When it comes to movies though, I always watch them on my ps3. I've lost an xbox to a bad disk drive before so any time I can avoid putting a dvd in it I do.

#33 Posted by SmasheControllers (2570 posts) -

Xbox 360 - Where my friends are, Use for multiconsole games and Netflixs, so about 80% of my time.

Playstation 3 - Exclusives and 3D Blu-Ray movies, about 7%.
PC - Team Fortress 2, 12.9%.
Wii - Cleaning off dust, .1%
#34 Edited by Kyle (2372 posts) -

I use my 360 for all multiplatform games because of achievements and friends list, and I prefer the controller, but mainly because I find the interface of the system and the structure of Xbox Live to be far and away superior to the experience offered by the PS3. The rare exception to this rule is when a PS3 multiplatform game offers some advantage, such as Extraction being bundled in with the PS3 version of Dead Space 2.  

And although I'm sure this sort of thing affects very few people other than myself, there is the added problem that the monitor that I use for gaming very stupidly does not support a "fit to screen" option for 16:9 signals. This means that if a game only supports 720p resolution, my two options are to either play it in a tiny window on my screen, or to stretch it to fill the entire 16:10 screen, making the image too tall. While the 360 has an upscaler built in to it, ensuring that all games output a 1080p signal, the PS3 has no such feature. And to make things worse, PS3 games that can output 1080p are depressingly rare. Just this week, I was forced to purchase the inferior, 360 version of L.A. Noire for this very reason. Of course, for PS3 exclusives that don't output 1080p, I'm forced to simply deal with the stretched image.

Man, I really need to buy a new monitor...

#35 Posted by CynageN (1203 posts) -

I end up buying exclusives, playing them intensely for a few days and then forgetting about them after I install some random game on my steam list and realize I hate the console experience.

That said, excited to finally get into some MK online. PSN 4 life.
#36 Posted by Hzaife (160 posts) -

I chose a game and stick with it till im done, 360 is only for exclusives or i would be getting rid of it.

#37 Posted by Devil240Z (3496 posts) -

PS3 99% 

360 0.4%
PC 0.59%
Wii 0.01%
#38 Posted by Example1013 (4807 posts) -


99.99% PS3
.005% DS
.005% PC
#39 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I have a PS3, 360 and Wii, all of them are hooked up to my TV so there all easy to play. My main console is the PS3 and I use that console the most, I get all my multiplat games for the PS3, my 360 s just used for exclusives. However so far the only games I have completed on my 360 are Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts and Bolts, say what you will about that. And my Wii Is well my Wii, however I buy PS2/Wii games for my Wii, Okami, Res4 etc.

#40 Edited by PenguinDust (12709 posts) -

I used to use my 360 for about 90% of my console gaming, but as I drifted away from multiplayer games, I wound up playing on my PS3 a lot more and I will tell you the one (well, two) reasons; the loudness of the console itself.  I have a near launch model 360 and it is loud all the time.  It gets hot faster and the fan is loud.  It's annoying to always have to play with headphones to drown out the din of the 360's fan.  So, I generally started buying multi-console games on the PS3 and it worked out well for me.  The system is much more quieter and that makes the gaming experience for me more enjoyable.  So, unlike a few years ago, my gaming has flipped around so that 90% is now on the PS3.

If I was to include PC gaming then I'd say that took about 40% of my time with 50% going to the PS3 and 10% left to the 360.  If I was to add the DS, too it would delute the numbers further, but I'm not in the mood to calculate that.

#41 Posted by MeierTheRed (4950 posts) -

Used to spend all my time on 360, that changed a few years back, pretty much only use my PS3 now, and my PC of course.

#42 Posted by Tally_Pants (594 posts) -

PS3 is my main console, I just play exclusives on my 360 and Wii

#43 Posted by TooSweet (427 posts) -

Mostly on my 360, some on my PS3. Its been seeing a lot of action lately cause I got Black Ops so my roommate can play without buying a gold card. And then Yakuza 4 and a few other titles kept me busy there. But I'm back on my 360 a lot lately. My Wii has about an inch of dust which I'll move to my room for No More Heroes. DS and PSP for my train rides.

#44 Edited by Zidd (1911 posts) -

I have been leaning more on my ps3 since my 360s hard drive died. I prefer the controller and the XMB is a hell of a lot faster than that clusterfuck of  an Ad delivery system that happens to launch games that Redmond cooked up.

#45 Posted by SBYM (1203 posts) -

I mostly use the 360. On occasion I'll bust out the PS1 or N64, though.

#46 Posted by Kjellm87 (1722 posts) -

 Changes between Wii, DS and PC, playing my brothers 360 whenever I'm home.
Protip: The Wii won't get dust if you get games for it.

#47 Posted by phish09 (1110 posts) -

360 - 70%
PC - 15%
PS3 - 10%
Wii - 5%

#48 Posted by Bumpton (470 posts) -

Xbox 360: 85%

DS Lite (assuming this counts): 15%

Wii: 0%


To be fair though, my drive on my Wii crapped out a while back. Otherwise I'd probably play something on it from time to time.

#49 Posted by Atrithau (32 posts) -

I haven't turned on my PS3 since RDR. 

Dividing isn't exactly what I'd call it. 
#50 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

For boring complicated reasons my PS3 sees almost no use. I generally play everything that I can on the PC, and everything else on my 360.

Older systems see very little use, but damned if I'm taking them out of my A/V setup.