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I was wondering on what you duders thought about the multimedia abilities of current and next-gen consoles and how important that functionality is to you. I bring this up over the recent news that the PS4 will lack MP3 playback and DLNA at launch. I personally just buy these systems for the games and the occasional Netflix stream. Maybe if I had the system in a living room like area that was used by multiple people those other features would be more important to me? Also I can't remember the last time I used my PS3 to play an MP3. Well accept that one time I played Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" while playing Warhawk. I actually did that quiet a bit.....Anyways. Multimedia functionality in your game consoles. How important is it to you?

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As long as they play Blu-Rays and have a Netflix app that's enough for me.

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Noooooooooooope. Got a PC that does everything I need it to for that.

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I use my PS3 as a blu-ray player a lot. other than that I dont use the other features. Kinda glad that I moved on to m4a files so I dont have to worry about that MP3 crap.

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Not at all. Netflix on my ps3 was nice when I didn't have satellite tv for awhile, but now I don't use it as much as I used to.

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Two of my favourite consoles are PS2 and Gamecube. The ability for current gen systems to do a bunch of other things doesn't matter to me at all. I just want to play games yo.

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Yeah, as long as the ps4 plays blu rays (which it does, and will do so better than the ps3 because it has a much faster drive) I'm fine. I used DLNA on ps3 a few times and thought it was lame (kept having to buffer, and my internet is really good). I wish it could play mp3's, but I can live without it.

The biggest thing I'm worried about is whether it can play video files or not. Can it play MP4's/certain avi files like the ps3 could? If not that's kind of a bummer, but I can still live without it. You really cannot beat that 400 dollar price point

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The PS3 had an "accidentally handy interface" for playing movies along DLNA made it much easier to use than just about anything else to play things on. If I had a complaint about the PS3 was that it was picky about some of the formats it did support where you wouldn't know of the problem until you tried it.

I don't necessarily need any console to do this but it was rather nice that one console did. If any other device did it that quickly and cleanly, I wouldn't care if it was supported in any console or not.

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All hours considered, my 360 is used more for TV and Movies than games between my wife and myself. The various media handling features of the X1 are definitely a primary purchase decision for me. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the integrated media guide works out.

This is the problem. There are now (roughly) 2-3 trillion video apps available. Opening, searching through, closing, and opening the next one to browse is insane. It's less functional than the old paper TV Guide. I'm really hoping for an integrated solution - all available movies, tv, etc... in one place.

The most important part (and this will never happen) is a filter. The ability to not list media the for-sale content along with the already-have-access (netflix subscriber) content. If I could check which services show up on the media guide, it would be dynamite.

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Not in the leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast. I'd buy the slimmest console package imaginable if they ever were sold that way.

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If I didn't have a PC that took over the multimedia position in my home entertainment setup then maybe I would care more.

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Don't care for multimedia functionality and don't use it. At least on home consoles. But I recently found myself using my Vita more and more for that stuff (mostly gb videos, bombcast, internet radio). If they just add twitch support I could have pretty much all my internet-related media consumption on there.

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I tried it out on my 360 a few years ago. It was neat, but I never really needed it.

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Nope. Then again, I have a PC that does everything a console does, but better, and that includes playing games.

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The player is handy, but other than that not at all. I would swap out all the other multimedia stuff for a cheaper price tag, or more graphics or something like that.

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I want Netflix and a Blu-Ray drive. No interest in anything else.

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I don't need my ps4 to be a DJ hub or anything but I would say its important to me for a few reasons. I think it's a bit backwards to have simple useful features removed from a system that should be and expected to be better than the last.

The ps3 lacked the ability to play music over games for the longest time and when it was rarely used, it had to be from the devs side to unlock the feature. So i feel its a bit of a side step to say music unlimited ( a paid service) works but your own music does not.

I often listen to podcast and it was a nice to just have it playing on the ps3 which was not the best at but it still was useful. I was hopeful because the vita nailed this feature so why not the ps4.

That's really it in a nut shell but the overall message to me is these system are not the jump from ps2/xbox to ps3/xbox360 that most people expected which i was fine with. I was happy with both systems having a chance to reboot and nail down features that felt tact on or jerry rig into the systems. These systems will be more future proof and have a more open architecture for smoother updates. So to see something simple as this left out or overlooked is a bit disappointing.

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I use the streaming on my 360. I do not really like the interface on my PS3. I am going to use my One, excited to see how fast the Wi-Fi direct works. It's just easier to stream to my living room then having a 50 HDMI cable running thru the house. Still getting both. Waiting for infamous/next fall.

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As long as they play Blu-Rays and have a Netflix app that's enough for me.


Also I can't remember the last time I used my PS3 to play an MP3. Well accept that one time I played Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" while playing Warhawk. I actually did that quiet a bit.....Anyways.

Oh man, that sounds awesome!

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Pretty simple functions, if there is an optical drive of any sort than why not?
Just because some people feel they have no use for it doesn't mean no one else will.
Makes sense that a console (made by the same folks who make the Windows OS) would have such a feature.

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If it plays great games that I'd want to play, then I'll buy one at some point. Blu-Ray playback and any other multimedia function is just a cherry on top for me.

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I use my PS3 for video games and to occasionally play a DVD/BluRay. I do not need it to do anything else, to be honest.

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I use my OUYA for most streaming shit or mkv playback. If I did not have it, I would be tighter over PS4 missing streaming features.