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Hi! I'm looking for a new multiplayer game of any genre to play that is good even when playing with/against "randoms". I would prefer suggestions that are playable on PC. What are some of your favorites?

For me my favorites were Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Starcraft 2, Halo 2, and The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle Earth 2 (that's a lot of 2s!) but I'm either sick of them or their communities are dead. Right now I'm pretty much only playing Counter Strike GO and Street Fighter 4.

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Depends what you consider a good community; most of the communities you listed I would consider as relatively terrible though perhaps not the worst possible. Good communities were as follows: Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, and Diablo 2. Now its basically a huge crapshoot for almost any game, if for example you're playing an MMO (well most MMOs, RIP Warhammer/DAoC) there's probably like 20 players on a server of 5000 that are worth playing with and everyone else is a retard so its just a matter of finding them. If you're playing a random game with random matchmaking then you've got like a 0.01% chance of finding someone competent, have fun with that. Assassin's Creed's multiplayer developers are absolutely exceptional but that doesn't stop most players from being imbeciles, the game is just so well designed that it sort of negates the shittiness of the community; which is probably one of the best communities out there (again 99% idiots). If you play a game at launch the retards haven't yet figured out how to congregate in retardville of copying each other and it'll be fun for a few weeks or maybe a month, after that it'll suck unless the game is amazing.

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Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2

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The Red Orchestra 2 community is alright. Most everyone is very forgiving of new players (they're how the game survives so they better be forgiving) and take the game seriously but not to a silly degree. Normally has about one to two thousand people playing online who are pretty dedicated to the game at this point.

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Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2

Left for Dead 2 has had one of the worst communities on XBL I have experienced. Is it better on PC?

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@darthorange: I can't say between the two but it definitely has a great modding community.

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The only games with good communities are ones that facilitate communication and teamwork. There also needs to be player hosted dedicated servers where you can play with the same people on a daily basis. An example is all of the Counter-Strike games. There is voice chat built into the game so you can communicate and player hosted dedicated servers allow a group of players to frequently play on their favorite server. A recent game that is good at this is Natural Selection II. Team Fortress 2 is also good. Find a community you like in those games and stick with them. Dota 2 does not facilitate communities at all because it is match making based, though you may find a group of people to play with regularly.

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Starcraft 2 had a good community? You must have been very lucky.

Get into dota or league man, the communities are as toxic as most games, but they are fun to practice and learn!

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@pie: If anything i always found when getting into a game of RO2 not only are they tolerable, becasue it seems most are European, i find their conversations to be pretty funny. It seems the players i find in that game just doing it to have fun, really weird.

Also i would add Borderlands 2. Probably half my friends list on Steam is from playing that game.

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@tobbrobb: Yea back when the Giant Bomb Starcraft 2 community was active it was amazing. The main reason I'm asking this question is actually that most of my friends now play league most of the time and I really can't stand it :P

I totally forgot about RO2 (more 2s!!!). I think I'll go play that now.

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I heartily recommend TF2, of all the FPSes I've played online (and I've played em since they were able to go online), it probably has the best ratio of cool people to douchebags.

The other thing is that it's a game that is relatively easy to learn to play via a combination of experience and observation while still contributing. Skill levels are also still pretty varied thanks to a constant influx of new people with being free to play now, so you won't get instantly annihilated like you might in other games when picking them up far into their lifecycle.

If you decide to give it a go, just do me and your team one favour: go medic when you first start - it will let you be useful while watching how the other classes work. Too often new players go Sniper because it's familiar, or Spy because it's so different, and it makes it kind of shit for everyone involved.

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Oops, didn't read you want PC. Too bad though.

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@ekajarmstro: Ah you are talking about GB dudes. Then you could go with probably anything. Shouldn't be impossible to find people from here that wants to play.

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I generally find that games with "dying" multiplayer have the best types of people to play with. BioShock 2 on the PS3 had people constantly inviting me to their games. And Natural Selection 2's community is pretty easygoing.

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It's going to be kinda hard press, but try Crysis 3.

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GTA Online has a good community if you like shooting fish in a barrel. I'm mediocre at most online competitive games but it seems like I'm one of the few people who actually know how too shoot and drive at the same time on there. Fantastic for griefing, that game.

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I always had a great time with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, but it's strictly co-op, so that may have something to do with it. I also had good luck with co-op game types in Halo, like firefight in Halo Reach and ODST. Then again, I also stay away from the competitive side, so that could also effect what community I see.

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You probably don't want to play it, but FFXI's community is known for having a very excellent, helpful and mature community.

...damn I miss that game, hasn't been the same game for a little while now.

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I would have to go with TF2 as well. Granted, its been about 6 months since I have loaded it up but it has also a very well rounded community. There are many people who will help you out if you have questions or will help you out with weapons if you ask. You will also find some silly players who are just trying to have a good time, and the occasional "team leaders" who will try their best to organize a group of PUPs into a organized army.

One of my coolest MP moments was jumping into a random server with a guy who was trying to improve his play-by-play announcing skills, so he was just spitting out commentary as we played It was fantastic! It's the laid back and welcoming nature of the TF2 community that allows things like that to happen.

Granted, you won't find this on every server, but when you find a place you like just favorite it.

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For me my favorites were Rainbow Six Vegas 2...

Hell yeah Rainbow Six: Vegas! I was always so impressed with how great the community for the vegas games was. I think something about the much slower paced action just drove all the impatient jerks away. I'm really looking forward to Rainbow Six: Patriots for that reason, because I don't think any other game's community has been quite as good.

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@ekajarmstro: Come join the GB Warframe clan. Everyone in the clan is super cool and helpful especially towards newer players. I can't say i've experienced anything but shit from the L4D community just because if you're not on your shit, someone with a mic will call you out on it.