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do all shooters  need to have a online component. It angers me a bit when i see reviews of bioshock saying it schould of had multiplayer. Bioshock was amazing on its own . Wats everyones opinion on this subject.

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having a multiplayer mode just to have it is pointless. dont put the mode in unless you have put some work into it. i think its an unfair complaint at bioshock cos the singleplayer is awesome and has such great replay value. but sometimes a lack of multiplayer is a valid complaint when a game does not deliver a good single player campaign.

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mulitplayer is always crap if its an afterthought.  i think bioshock would have been wasted on a multiplayer.  it probably would have taken time away from the storyline, and then led to an all round average game, instead of the awesomeness that was the single player game.

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All shooters don't have a multiplayer though.. Bioshock and Dead Space are a couple of recent examples.  But I do agree, I hate it when the just tack it on as an afterthought instead of just using that time to put more into the story mode or clean things up a bit more.  A few recent examples I can think of in which the multiplayer felt VERY tacked on were The Darkness and Prey.  The singleplayer in both of these games were very good, imagine if they had used that time to just polish them up a bit more and leave the multiplayer out... urgh.