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So I'm thinking of getting a couple games, gta iv and red dead redemption except I only want them for the multiplayer I won't touch the single player.. So is it worth it. I know gsmes like halo, cod, and gears of war could be bought only for multiplayer meaning the multiplayer is good enough. Is that the case for the above games. Thanks for the advice!

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I won't touch the single player

That would be a major disservice to those games. I'm not the biggest fan of either but any time I hear someone talk about those games, it's always the great single player that comes up.

I don't know if anyone still plays them online, and with GTA V looming on the horizon, any numbers those games have will probably drop soon.

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GTA IV will better serve you when it comes to multiplayer.

The multiplayer is how most people spend their time in both those games, but more so GTA IV.

You should know though, that you will end up playing the single player, it's guaranteed Everyone online will pester you into it. Besides, would you buy a guitar and only play one string, ignoring the other 5? Why would you spend money for the whole guitar then?

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The free roam multiplayer in Red Dead and GTA IV is great, especially with friends. The competitive modes are kind of shitty and I would imagine that there aren't too many people playing them at this point.

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Why would you do that? That just seems crazy to me. That's like buying Battlefield 3 just for the single player, oh wait, I did that and it was stupid of me to do so

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The multiplayer in GTAIV was (and I'm sure still is) a blast, and I'm sure the same is true of RDR, but man... skipping the single player?