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So, I've been playing through the original Deus Ex recently and it's been absolutely fantastic. I really want to play more PC games like it, because I have never been into PC gaming. I'm saving CRPGs for next summer (I've got school to think about), but I'd like to know what Deus Ex-ish games that you guys would recommend (or any other classic PC non-CRPGs that I shouldn't miss). I've already got Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines & System Shock 2 lined up. I tried to get Thief & Thief 2 to run on Windows 7, but it was an absolutely massive headache that I'm not sure I want to mess with.

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@MagikOvenMit: The STALKER series is a good example of an Action RPG. So I recommend those. As for Thief, it doesn't seem to like anything more then a dual core so you'll have to manually set the the affinity to one core only in the task manager. There's a big FAQ here that should fix your problems. At the very least, try to run Thief 2 using Compatibility Mode (Windows XP mode at the very least).
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From the top of my head: Alpha Protocol.

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If you didn't play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like you would normally play Thief then you were doing it wrong. Stalker brutally punished you for getting into the thick of action.

If the OP was talking about classic action RPGs he'd start with Zelda and work his way up. It sounds like he's young enough to only like FPS style RPGs so he'd be more suited to getting a copy of Morrowind.

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Excellent choice with VTMB!

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Ultima Underworld 1+2

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Diablo 2 is a must in my opinion, although it's not really 'Deus Ex-ish'.

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System Shock....1!

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I don't see how anyone can recommend Alpha Protocol with a straight face.
The Jedi Knight series, while less RPG have always been fantastic (just don't play Jedi Academy)

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You mentioned you have it already but Vampire - Bloodlines is seriously good.

I'd also suggest Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

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@Rawrnosaurous: I enjoyed Alpha Protocol a lot.. The story had a lot of problems and some of the gameplay mechanics were pretty wonky, but it was as close as we had to a new game like Deus Ex for quite a long time. Plus it does the moral choices/consequences thing better than any other game I've ever seen, the game dynamically changed a LOT of the story and conversations depending on what you would say during conversations and even what you actually did during the missions, it was really well done.

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@WinterSnowblind: I tried very hard to play through Alpha Protocol when it came out because the premise was pretty great. Unfortunately I don't think Obsidian is a good developer of videogames, at the very least they aren't a triple A quality studio. None of their games they have made have ever been as good as they should have been. I mean hell they keep being given these franchises to work with after the original developers leave them. They are always plagued with issues, no matter the engine. They were given Knights of the Old Republic and the sequel turned out bad, with framerate problems bugs, and sub par gameplay, and problems that basically ruined the game or made it impossible to finish. Their pedigree for anyone that loves their games has always been great stories (hard for me to get behind as I personally don't care for their stories) but their stories are inside of a game that is badly designed and made. I had always hopped that maybe it was because of the engines that they were given to use, and the fact that they used a hammy down engine was a curse. 
Even with their own engine in Alpha Protocol the game looked down right ugly, it had pacing problems, and gameplay problems where you specked your guy for stealth and hand to hand and your put into a boss fight where everyone has machine guys and you can't get close. Some of the systems that they came up with were interesting and good but again they didn't utilize them very well and the game ultimately suffered for it.
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@Rawrnosaurous: In fairness, they've always had to work under extremely tight time frames. Blame Lucasarts for releasing KotOR 2 before it was finished, not Obsidian for developing it.

The writing, story and many of the gameplay mechanics were far better than the originals. It was only ruined by the bugs and.. the lack of an end. Alpha Protocol was very similar, Sega rushed the game because they wanted it out quickly and then even after it was delayed to miss the holiday period, Obsidian weren't allowed to work on any of the problems, they literally just sat on it for months.

I think they're one of the best developers out there. Publishers just use them to quickly farm out sequels to their big AAA games.

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@Rawrnosaurous Alpha Protocol was Unreal Engine while kotor II was must farts fault. Never Winter Nights II was also by Obsidian and that game totally changed the RPG landscape plus they wrote the Neutron rendered which was later used in Dragon Age Origins and II. Obsidian are most certainly a triple A developer. Collectively they have more experience and more hits than any team of RPG
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Developers in the last two decades in the west.

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Define classic? I've spent countless hours in Fallout: New Vegas, I'd recommend that. So much to explore, so many ways to solve a given problem.

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@WinterSnowblind: You can't sit there and tell me that they are a great triple A developer and blame each and every poorly developed game on the publisher. At some point you have to look at the game that they ultimately put out and judge it not on what they wanted it to be or told everyone it was going to be but what it ultimately was. Almost all developers are tied down by time restrictions, so you can't say that Obsidian had to deal with something that other developers don't. Alpha Protocol was anything but a rushed out game it was announced in 2008 and wasn't released until 2010, they even pushed the release back.
They are used to milk out another game in a franchise that has already been critically and commercially done well, and the original developer has left to do other things. Their a respected developer because of where they used to work, not because of what games they are doing now.
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@Rawrnosaurous: Like I said it was delayed simply to fit a better time frame, they weren't working on it during that time. They had little more than a year to make Alpha Protocol. Lucasart's treatment of other developers speaks for itself.

Look at some of their good work in comparison, such as New Vegas, which was easily superior to Fallout 3 and was much closer to the style of the original games.

Again, I think they're a great developer that are just treated poorly by publishers. Others may work under timescales too, but you're not going to see Bioware rushed that badly to create ME3 and then have it released before it's actually done.

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@WinterSnowblind: I'll give you that Lucasarts doesn't have the best track record with developers and that might have caused issues however you can't blame a shoddy game on Lucasarts entirely. If they were such a hassle to deal with and caused great games to be sub par then Kotor shouldn't have been as good as it was. Neither should the Force Unleashed, if it was solely on Lucasarts fault for how KOTOR2 came out then we shouldn't have seen such gems being made by other devs.
We are going to have to disagree on New Vegas, or you played a much different game than I did, New Vegas was riddled with bugs, glitches, and crashes. We can put some of the blame on the Gamebryo engine for sure as games in that engine and to the scale that they are made will invariably lead to problems. However, it can't be to blame for all the problems that there was in the game, the fact that game saves were corrupted frequently or the fact that Load times would increase going from place to place in that they eventually got to minutes of load times. I personally prefer Fallout 3 to New Vegas, sure Obsidian was able to take everything that worked in 3 and add new things onto the game to try and make it better but unfortunately it didn't make the game better than Fallout 3. They added systems into the game that on the drawing board sound great but when it was implemented either became useless or rendered other aspects useless.
Bioware isn't rushed like that because they have a proven track record with their games, that if left alone they create games that or critically and commercially acclaimed. Obsidian doesn't have that track record, at best they have been Hit and Miss and at worst they made sub-par follow ups to well regarded games.
All developers are pressured by publishers, even Bioware gets pressured to make sequels fast and they aren't well regarded for it (Dragon Age 2). The problem with that though is that they are the developer that created the original title that was well regarded. They aren't seen as a developer that good games get farmed out to, which for better or worse it was Obsidian has been seen as.
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@Rawrnosaurous said:
I don't see how anyone can recommend Alpha Protocol with a straight face.
I would totally recommend Alpha Protocol with the most serious face ever-- I finished it twice in less than 2 weeks and I personally think it's one of the most underrated games of this generation (I placed it 4th on my 2010 top 10 list).
As for this specific thread, I wouldn't recommend AP 'cause the OP is looking for classic RPGs and AP is very recent. In that regard, among many others, I would totally recommend:
Wizardry 8
Fallout 1 and 2
Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Neverwinter Nights
... and what's probably the best story-driven RPG of all times, Planescape: Torment
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Baldur's Gate 2...still my favorite all time game.

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Try NOX by westwood studio. i just started playing it and it got me back into these games.

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I don't remember if they made it for PC or not, but Project Snowblind was an awesome Deus Ex clone.



Fallout 1-2

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@Stonyman65 said:

I don't remember if they made it for PC or not, but Project Snowblind was an awesome Deus Ex clone.

Project Snowblind is an FPS that actually started off as Deus Ex game. Off-hand I dont remember why it wasent a Deus Ex game, I guess in case it bombed like Invisable War, but there is a reason a lot of the stuff looks stolen from Deus Ex :)