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I'd been pretty excited in the past week or so to play a show over the air, but the news on Monday hit hard. It was difficult to think of anything but that. Two out of the three of us in the band are active Giant Bombers, and it was definitely on our minds. We didn't have much time between getting out of work and packing up all of gear, but with the little time we did have, my bandmates and I decided to throw together a short tribute song to Ryan in place of one of our planned songs. It's far from polished being that it was so short notice and I just had to figure out how the theme song went by hearing it in my head, but here it is flaws and all. I miss that duder, and playing this was definitely cathartic. RIP, Mr. Davis.

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It should be linked to the proper spot, but if not, the tribute starts at 07:15

Edit: Thank you for all the positive responses we've been getting! We can't tell you how much it means to us.

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Duder... that's awesome. I love this community.

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Excellent tribute, your band sounds great btw. Love your style

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Thanks a lot, guys. That means a lot.

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Fantastic tribute! Giant Bomb really does have the best community in the world.

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Listening to this when I get off work. Really cool of you guys

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Awesome just awesome.

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A cleaner recording of that rocked out bombcast theme would be cool.

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Gave me chills, man.

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Dude, this is fantastic.

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This is really freaking great.

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That's so awesome

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Really smooth, awesome stuff.

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Wow, thats fucking amazing, the way it builds is great.

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God damn duder, well done.

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Outstanding tribute.

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Wow, your responses mean so much. I'm very thankful for this community and I'm glad that you folks like the tribute.

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Gave me chills. A perfect tribute. Thank you for this.

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Duders that was fucking outstanding, I got the shivers when it started.

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That was pretty awesome dude, great job

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Fantastic. Absolutely spectacular.

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That was really great, good job guys.

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Really nice job, Duders.

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Fan-freaking-tastic. Well done.

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That was fucking awesome. Tab plz? Thx! X

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That was super badass! If I had heard that live I'd be sobbing right now. Super awesome of you guys for doing that

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This is terrific!

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@jimbo: Thanks! What do you mean by tab?

Thanks to everyone else, as well!

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@jimbo: Thanks! What do you mean by tab?

Thanks to everyone else, as well!

Guitar tab, just on the off-chance you had one. Never mind, just realised you said you figured the tune out in your head (!) Good job, duder

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@jimbo: Thanks! What do you mean by tab?

Thanks to everyone else, as well!

Jimbo means the notes of the guitar part written down.

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Aha, gotcha (my dumb brain immediately went to tabbed browsing). The solo-y stuff was all improv, but I could make up a tab for the main podcast riff part.

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Wonderfull, Ryan would think this is awesome ! ;)

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Dude, that's fucking awesome. Great job.

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That is pretty awesome, great work guys!

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Aha, gotcha (my dumb brain immediately went to tabbed browsing). The solo-y stuff was all improv, but I could make up a tab for the main podcast riff part.

That'd be ace if you find time, but don't sweat it :)

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Wow that was a great tribute! Gave me goosebumps.

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@jimbo: This is a simplified version I threw together. We keep our instruments tuned half a step down, so if you're playing it in standard and want to keep it in the same key for whatever reason, just transcribe it half a step up.

I don't have my guitar around right now, but that should be right. Thanks again, folks!

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This is amazing even if you ignore how little time you possibly had to do this

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Great job. Just perfect.

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Exceptional, very nice to listen to.

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That was great. Made me tear up.

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Very nice tribute, kudos.

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Fuckin siiiiiick dude. I wish I could play guitar like a baller.

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Papa Bear Davis would be proud. Good job!

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Awesome. Just awesome.

I'm so moved by this I'm going to point my amp towards my window, turn the volume up as high as it goes, and shred along to this. Fuck the neighbors.

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All of you are so awesome. Thank you again, so much.

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Yeah that was great. You guys should polish that up and send it over to Jeff.