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My friend recently told me about some devastating news.  He said "dude, my chemical romance is playing music for the new final fantasy game".  When I heard that a part of me died inside, but luckily he misread the article and was talking about the new FF7:ACC blue ray disc.  Well I just wanted to see what your opinions on this are, and if any one has heard the song...and if anyone actually likes this band for that matter.
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I'm still going to buy the FF7 blu-ray; I'm just going to feel a little dirtier for doing it.

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I think its just the singer from My Chemical Romance

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m1k3 said:
"I think its just the singer from My Chemical Romance"
Yeah it is.
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I actually kind of like My Chemical Romance. Most of the people that claim to hate the band just hates them because they are popular and that is seen as "cool" on the internet.

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I just noticed that the song is on the latest trailer that up on the Japanese PSN and its not that bad

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Hmmm either way i don't like my chemical romance and I hated FF7:AC

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April foooools