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Nothing. I didn't play a single game released in 2012, period. I mean, I played that Frog Fractions thing, but I haven't even decided what it is, nevermind if I like it, and 2k13, which sucked ass. Seriously. Shitty soundtrack, shitty control change, shitty online sign-up bullshit, shitty feel. Not even worth buying, I'll just stick to 2k12 at this rate. I mean, they didn't even get the real Ima Boss, just the fucking soundtrack. Could not be dumber.

Diablo III was great for two weeks, but not worth the praise it got. I hit Inferno with like 30k in gold, had to blow it all on repairs just trying to get through the town, and got fucked in the ass repeatedly by elite packs of Burrowing Leapers, to the point where I would have been reduced to reloading that section over and over for favorable drops, or going back and farming Act 3 or 4 hell mode or whatever was before inferno. A lot of this was timing, because I hit 60 right after CM wizards got nerfed into Oblivion, and literally during the attack speed nerf patch (like 1.03 or 1.04), but still, like I'm paying for a fucking full-price game, not access to the goddamn beta, which is what it ended up being. Oh, and then the build I was desperately trying to cobble together after the AS nerf, life-on-hit, got nerfed afterwards too. And besides all this, the single most infuriating mechanic for me was the fact that I couldn't find applicable gear in drops, and was REQUIRED to grind levels JUST to farm gold JUST to go to the auction house and buy gear. Like, half the fucking enjoyment I get out of ARPGs is finding gear, so after everything added up and I still was left farming GOLD to BUY gear, what remained of the game wasn't nearly enough to keep me playing.

I heard they've done a lot to patch it through and make it better, but I'm still not happy about the fact that it's a glorified beta (no PvP, will there ever be?), and I don't feel like spending 4 hours patching the client to go farm gold for items, even if everything is easier to kill and much more widely available. Probably won't be buying a new release from Blizzard again, I've probably spent more time playing The Force Unleashed by now than Diablo, and I just don't think it'd be worth the money since they never put shit on sale.

I guess if you want to count DLC Gods & Kings was good, and I liked Dawnguard a whole hell of a lot. Dawnguard was wayyyy better than anything in the main game: badass new follower, detailed, exciting new areas to explore, new weapons, new armor, new loot, new shouts, and I'll be damned if I didn't spend 10 of my 30 hours playing it just wandering the Soul Cairn, that shit was awesome. And I didn't even get into the Vampire Lord or Werewolf powers.

For 2011 games I just got around to playing MW3 was balls-out amazing, and UMvC3 is still great. Honestly in retrospect though, 2012 kinda sucked for releases. Not a single new game that I wanted to play badly enough to drop money on. Wait, did SFxT come out this year? If so that was pretty alright. Mostly because you could smash people's faces in with Akuma's super. It didn't get old the first 30 times I did it, and I don't think it'll ever get old, even though it wasn't enough for me to buy the game.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. It's Magic The Gathering for like, ten bucks. Yeah you can't make your own decks or even edit land counts, but shit, 10 bucks. That's 2 booster packs and a soda. I will say that I wish the game AI was more challenging and less reliant on drawing godly opening hands to win, but it satisfied my itch pretty well regardless, even as-is.

Yeah, no one's gonna read this and it'll fall off in about an hour, but whatever. I post here for my own amusement.

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Nah man, the Soul Cairn is fucking weak. Worst part about Skyrim. It had the cool cameo from Jiub, but the place just felt super bland and uninspired to me. Maybe it has something to do with one of their main concept artists passing away, who knows.

Dawnguard was pretty fine, even story wise and it added the best sidequest in all of Skyrim, but so far I like Dragonborn better. And it keeps me playing after maybe 250+ hours of Skyrim. More new stuff, books, more new monsters and spears you shoot from a goddamn bow. It´s awesome.

Just wanted to say that. You´re probably a PC guy for Skyrim (I have it on both PC and 360... weird, I know) and you have something good to look forward to in 2013.

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You played Diablo 3! That counts!

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@Example1013 said:

Nothing. I didn't play a single game released in 2012, period.

I love how you start with that and then go on to talk about a bunch of stuff that game out this year.

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I'm just really confused.

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Play Far Cry 3...

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Play Train Simulator 2013

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@DeeGee said:

@Example1013 said:

Nothing. I didn't play a single game released in 2012, period.

I love how you start with that and then go on to talk about a bunch of stuff that game out this year.


@Superfriend: My biggest pet peeve with Skyrim was how little there was to find in the world. Like for instance, Blackreach. Huge, awesome, wide open area, and then you look around and there's...a couple random chests, some Geodes, and plants. Nothing to find or discover past the lab and the secret fight, and even then there's no cool, interesting loot. It might seem bland or whatever to most people, but the aesthetic wasn't what drew me in nearly as much as all the little side quests and the unique items/spells you can get there. Like, I had completed the Dawnguard-essential stuff before I even talked to the quest-giver, just because I was having so much fun exploring every inch. Skyrim itself has a few neat things hidden in nooks and crannies, but there's nowhere near enough to draw me into dungeon-diving or long treks, at least not consistently.

Getting all the stuff for the Soul Cairn (which I still haven't done, there's a book I was never able to find) ranks right up there with discovering Fin Gleam in Oblivion, which happened totally by accident when I was exploring the world. Those are my favorite touches in any game ever, and probably at least half the reason I play RPGs and ARPGs in the first place (which is also why D3 rubbed me the wrong way after a while, there's literally nothing, Blizzard said fuck off and go to the auction house). I'm definitely looking forward to Dragonborn, even if it's only the same quality as Dawnguard that's still more than worth it to me.

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Try out Journey or Hotline Miami, you can get through those in around 2 and 4 hours respectively. Then you could have a Top 1 of 1 of 2012!

Both of those games seem to be a little bit different compared to what you mention playing in your opening post (you do have a nice spread of genres represented there, which is always good!), have you given any thought as to playing them? Or are they just not on your radar at all?

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@Fattony12000: I have to go through a pain in the ass to get anything off PSN because I can't get the password to the account that has my credit card reset, so I can't update my expired info, so I can't buy sony spacebucks, so I can't buy shit in the store. As for hotline Miami, well, I also have monetary limiting factors atm, which is actually a big part of why I've played so few games. I'll hopefully get caught up eventually (specifically really looking forward to Far Cry 3, I loved everything about Far Cry 2 and want moar), but for now I'm kinda stuck with what I have.

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One too many drinks, brah?

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@TheHumanDove: I wish.