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Ok I'm gona try to make this quick and constructive and basically put it into + and - points, then give the game the score i think it deserves:

+great atmosphere

+awesome, fun, addicting gameplay

+lots of hidden items to be found and sidequests to be completed

+multiple ways to play, either stealth or action packed(adds to replay value)

+multiple endings(adds to replay value)

-story is meh and predictable

-characters(mainly Havelock, Martin, Lord Pendletton) are dull

-ending is dissapointing, I would like to see something less cliche and generic (but the bad ending can be a very surprising one)

-while the game does give you the choice to play ANY way YOU want, it seems as if they really want you to play the stealthy way


It's a great game with an awesome atmosphere and the steampunk elements make it even that much better, the gameplay is fun and addictive and you can really feel like a badass, there are MANY hidden items to be found and sidequests to be completed, if you take your time and do everything you can even get 30 hours of playtime in one playthrough. However, without a doubt it is your 2nd playthrough that you will find the most enjoyable because you already know the map layout so now you can either choose different tactics to get through enemies or experiment with your abilites more. This is one of the very few games I replayed and I replayed it just after I completed my 1st playthrough.

But there are some downsides to Dishonored too, sadly. The story is nothing special and mediocre at best and the characters(the loyalists mainly) felt very dull to me, without much of a personality behind them. Now the ending. I'm not going to spoil it for you so don't worry. The good ending is very cliche and generic but the bad ending is a very sudden,unexpected,surprising one. This is also not one of the game were every next level is more and more difficult. For example the last level, was to me, pretty goddamn easy and I'm not even a skilled player really. My last complaint about this game is, even though it does let you play ANY way you want to play, stealth seems to almost always, if not always be the best option and it seems as if the developers discourage chaotic gameplay, even though it is an option.

I give Dishonored a 9/10

Even though the story is mediocre, the characters are dull, only one playstyle is rewarding, ending could be better(and last level was pretty easy), Dishonored has such amazing gameplay with so many options in case of tackling your enemies, so many hidden items, side quests and such a beautiful atmosphere that the story becomes more or less irrelevant.

This game is a must play, if you don't have it, GET IT!