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Very recently, like two days ago my Xbox live account got hacked. I didn't notice it until today, that someone took my information and used the card attached to it to buy 150$ worth of stuff on Xbox live and then used the license transfer to transfer over the purchased items.. I've already changed my password and email so I think I'm pretty safe from further unwanted purchases, my only concern is that now I'm out 150$.. With school starting soon, and me being broke, this really couldn't have come at a worse time.. I plan on calling Microsoft and telling them what happened and that I'd like for them to refund what was hacked and purchased but I remember hearing stories about how Microsoft isn't too kind when it comes to refunds. I would love some advice on how to persue the issues I'm having and how to go about getting back what was stolen. Thanks a bunch for any help guys!

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Wouldn't it be best to call your bank?

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Yeah, give your bank a call.

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I was thinking about that but I figured since the purchased items were from Microsoft I should deal with them first. Maybe I should just deal with my bank then?

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Call your credit card company and tell them you didn't make the purchases. They just say ok, put you on hold for 2-3 min and you got your money back. At least that has always been my experience with Visa when it happened to me.

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Hmm I guess I'll give my bank a call tomorrow morning. Thanks for the guidance guys, very much appreciated!

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This happened to me while I was at school last year, actually.

I got an email at 2 A.M. telling me that I tried to purchase Microsoft Space Bucks with an old credit card that was still tied to my account and that the transaction couldn't go through. Immediately following that, I received two more emails, saying I purchased around $75 worth of points using an up-to-date card. I logged onto xbox.com to investigate what was going on to find that I didn't actually have any points left on my account (I have ~2000 unused points, for some dumb reason). My purchase history showed that I bought GOLD SUPER PLAYER PERFORMANCE XL + consumables for FIFA 11, a game I have never even considered playing. The sick person who got into my account even got an achievement in FIFA, which is still on my account like some sort of scar.

The next morning, I called Microsoft and explained the story of the unusual activity on my account. They forwarded the information I provided to their crack team of investigators and locked my account for around 10 days. I was told that if they decided that it was indeed fraudulent access I could receive a refund for the purchase of Microsoft points, either by contacting my bank or credit card provider and reporting the fraudulent charges or by waiting for Microsoft to credit my account.

Call up Microsoft the first chance you get and explain to them what happened. Hopefully you'll be able to get the money back into your hands. Be patient too! I ended up finishing my first playthrough of Mass Effect while I was locked out of my account.

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Same thing happened to me when my Blizzard account got hacked last year which my wow account And my actual account on the site was hacked and they had transfered my characters to different servers each with my own money... Told bank and they contacted blizzard for me which then my account got fixed and i got my money back.