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1 The Last of Us - Better narrative then World War Z. Or any movie I've seen this year.

2 BioShock: Infinite - Draws you in right away with how captivating the world is. Starts and ends with amazing moments.

3 Beyond: Two Souls - Great game. Wonderfully unique experience. I hope some of the mixed reviews do not mess up the chances of them making more games. You can nit pick certain aspects of the game. Like consistency in the story, but they made something special here

4 Farcry 3: Bood Dragon - Hilarious retro themed DLC. I didn't put it down till I finished. Genuine laughs through out.

5 Metro: Last light - Loved this world. Succeeds on creating a better post-apocalyptic environment then any other game I've played (ie. fallout)

6 Tomb Raider - One hell of a gritty reboot. If it went any farther it could have been survival horror.

7 DmC Devil May Cry - Great Presentation. Don't understand the backlash because the game is a little different. It's a fantastic game. The character action genre hasn't been this stylish or crazy in a good long while

8 God of War: Ascension - Had great moments but felt a bit rushed. Due too a sound bug I played the game with seemingly no music.

9 Crysis 3 - Felt very short but was fun while it lasted. Few FPSes give you as many options in-battle as this.

10 Dead Space 3 - Started out great but lost steam halfway through. I think Co-op affected the singleplayer design too much.

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  1. The Last of Us - Nothing else even comes close.
  2. Civilization V: Brave New World - Puts Civ V about neck and neck with Civ IV+BtS, which is pretty impressive considering how much it needed to improve on the base Civ V and G&K to get there.
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening - A little on the easy side and the story wasn't the best, but the characters were some of the best in the series, and the character building depth is unmatched.
  4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Challenging action game with a ridiculous Metal Gear plot. What's not to love? I loved the parry mechanic in lieu of a traditional block button.
  5. Pokemon Y - Probably my favorite batch of new Pokemon since Gen III and the shift to 3D was long overdue but extremely well done. Dumb story and lack of a post-game was disappointing, though.
  6. Bioshock Infinite - Never fell in love this game like most people did. Gameplay stopped being fun after about halfway through the game and I had mixed feelings about the ending.
  7. SimCity - I personally had fun with this and got my money's worth thanks to the free Dead Space 3 I got from buying it (still need to play that, too), but it sure had its problems, both launch and gameplay related. The multiplayer aspects were hugely disappointing, too, and never seemed to work like they were supposed to.

Still playing through Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies and have God of War Ascension to play as well (and Dead Space 3, as mentioned, though I haven't played Dead Space 2 yet, either, so that will be a while). Planning on picking up Tearaway and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus before the year ends, too.

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And so the eternal GiantBomb prophecy is fulfilled; a user with 1 post comes in and brings back a long-dead topic. Why does this happen so much on GiantBomb?


1. The Last of Us (10/10)

2. Fire Emblem: Awakening (9/10)

3. Grand Theft Auto V (8/10)

4. Prison Architect (7/10)

5. BioShock: Infinite (7/10)

6. Rogue Legacy (7/10)

7. The Stanley Parable (6/10)

8. State of Decay (6/10)

9. Gone Home (6/10)

10. DiveKick (6/10)

Admittedly I stop feeling super-strongly about these games after like number 2; i've played a ton of games this year but not many of them were made in 2013. Hence why I included the 10-point scale.

But hey, you know what games are really good? Saint's Row The Third and The Witcher 2.

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1. Dota 2

2. Dota 2

3. Dota 2

4. Dota 2

5. Dota 2

You misspelled "Rayman Legends."