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Some sketches of characters and/or counterparts of characters that should've been and are in my version of UMvC3.^_^

UMvC3 Cammy

UMvC3 Jill Valentine Revamped

UMvC3 Nathan Spencer Revamped

UMvC3 Roll

UMvC3 Mega Man X (Icarus Armor, Hermes Armor, and Unarmored)

UMvC3 Axl

UMvC3 Daredevil

UMvC3 Rogue

UMvC3 Dante Revamped

UMvC3 R. Mika

UMvC3 Mr. Fantastic

UMvC3 Moon Knight

UMvC3 Emma Frost

UMvC3 Blade

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Man oh man oh man.


Super agree with you on that one. My face would explode if I turned on UMVC3 and saw Blade there.

These are pretty good poses and it's cool your style is so apparent, but it'd be great if you incorporated more of the character into the drawing. Mr. Fantastic should at least be stretching! I like Dante though, that's pretty spot on.

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these are awesome, do dante next

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This art looks great! I agree with some of the choices that should of been in the game such as Megaman X and Mr. Fantastic.