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Hello giant bomb community. Before anything, I want to thank everyone that replied on my last topic. You helped me through a rough patch. Thanks guys and thanks giantbomb community for being so great.

The game I recently discovered that others must know about is Kingdoms of amalur Reckoning. This games is so awesome I cant help but get reminded of zeldaOoT. There are so many things to do and every place just begs to be explored. It doesn't have zelda's charm, but the amount of things to do, the loot, the gameplay, the leveling system and the feeling of being stronger the more you play, as in being able to kill a monster with 1 attack instead of the previous 5 or so, is so great you cant help but want to talk about your experiences with the game. If possible play it, you'll enjoy it.

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All of them.

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If you're gonna do this then at least name a game everyone doesn't already know about. God dammit. You make me so angry sometimes.

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Velocity is a fantastic Playstation Mini that I don't think a lot of people know about. It is compatible for PS3 and Vita if you move it over from your PS3. It's a great little 2D shooter with 50 missions. Quick paced, well designed and awesome. It has its frustrating moments, but overall I am really enjoying it. Here's a trailer:

Oh and the music is fantastic. By the same guy who did the Killzone 2 and 3 music.

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I have recently been playing Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy which is a really solid Zelda clone for the PS2, XBOX, and GameCube. It has a really cool cartoon art style and some simple but satisfying puzzles along with a cool monster collection system and some simple platforming.

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the biscuit game.

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@Lava: That games looks awesome. How have I not heard about that till now?

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@CaLe: Im sorry u.u I simply believe that people that decided to pass on this game should reconsider.

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@Rainbowkisses: No way, a blast from the past. I remember that, good one(:

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final fantasy VII. get it guys, it's this great little indie game from china. you play on a cloud, and you raise different types of animals like a dog and a cat.

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Warlock: Master of the Arcane. It's basically Civ 5 that focuses on combat, you have races of Monsters or Skeletons instead of boring people, and your tech tree powers are spells that you can cast on your armies for buffs/debuffs/attacks instead of passive things that give you no tangible affect.

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Crusader Kings 2 with the Sword of Islam dlc. My guy just went on Hjajj with his marshall and their ship was attacked by pirates, my Caliph fought them back with his now best friend the marshall and my Caliph now has a permanent scar under his eye from the event. If you like strat games with a deep learning curve I can't recommend CK2 enough. Snide did an amazing QL that's up on the site a while back.

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@Rainbowkisses: A lot of the minis go overlooked unfortunately. Sometimes there are great ones in there!

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@Rainbowkisses said:

@Lava: That games looks awesome. How have I not heard about that till now?

@Lava said:

@Rainbowkisses: A lot of the minis go overlooked unfortunately. Sometimes there are great ones in there!

it's a damn shame too, some interesting games for cheap you'd think minis would have taken off more than they have

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Amalur was massively hyped and even had a demo. Most found it to be severely disappointing or just plain bad.

I can see why some people found it appealing, but there are far better RPG's you could be playing.

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Eversion, it's free. Google it. Takes 45 minutes to an hour.

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Home. Very cool choose-your-own-adventure-esque horror game. You can't save, so you're supposed to play it in one sitting (it's only 2, maybe 3 hours). It's also only $2.

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@Lava: Yeah more people should play that game, it's cool. It was free for a bit on PSN+, If that hadn't been the case I would have never known it existed.

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It's currently in Beta on steam (still have one key left) but it's a fun litte tower defence/offence game with resource gathering and stuff like that going on. 
The devs are pretty much throwing the beta keys at everyone and their mothers over and over again. So far I've given away 29 of them 

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@Sargus: 0_0 oh my. I must try this...

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@gaminghooligan: Some cheap awesome things right? Well, at least they are popping into PS+ so they are getting a little more attention.

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I'm forcing most of my real-life friends to try Fez, Journey, Slender, and Spelunky.

As for you guys, I really think anyone who hasn't already played it should get their hands on The Act.

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To the Moon. It's not that obscure, really, but it's a really fantastic little game. You can finish it in one or two sittings. It's got a really involving and emotional story, though the gameplay is just kinda tacked on. It very well could have been a movie or a TV special, but whatever. Again: great story. Highly recommended!

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Box Art

An apparently awesome metroidvania game. I have it, and I've played it for a bit, and I like almost everything about the game, except the sprites that are a little too small for my taste.

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: Great recommendation. The moment I read Metroidvania I went on Youtube to check it out. Seems interesting and funny(:

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I've recently picked up The Binding of Isaac and that game is awesome. Also Deus Ex:Human Revoution is really good as well as Binary Domain.

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Nitronic Rush...awesome free insane racing stunt game from DigiPen. Excellent electronic soundtrack and the graphics are sexy Tron-esque. It can be frustrating at times, with how twitch-based some levels are, but it's a helluva lot of fun to play. And there's a car based on the DeLorean.

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SpaceChem! It's a game in which you construct molecular assembly lines! I'm not joking!

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Penny Arcade: Episode 3. It just came out a month ago. If you like SNES RPGs, you should try it. It uses FF 5-style classes, but everybody can equip two of them.

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@narley said:

@Jeust : Great recommendation. The moment I read Metroidvania I went on Youtube to check it out. Seems interesting and funny(:

If you want you can get it as part of the Indie Royale bundle at: http://www.indieroyale.com 
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You may have seen Legend of Grimrock on the Steam store. Don't pass it up, it rocks. 

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Gah, depends too much on your own tastes if you know of these but I'll say:
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.
It kicked Zelda OoT and ME1 of their thrones, its my favorite game ever and one of the best games ever made as far as I'm concerned.
Seriously considering getting the Witcher's amulet as a tattoo.
Frozen Synapse:
Pretty tactical stuff, it feels a bit barren but its gameplay is pretty solid and I wouldn't mind a bigger game that works further with the concept, worth a shot for anyone.
Titan Quest (and its expansion)
Bought this like 2 years ago for a cheap price on Steam, got into it awhile ago.
Its a greek diablo but has some pretty cool systems of its own and I like the story/flow of the game better.
Its actually kind of tough as well on places and the freedom in classes (you can mix two masteries/classes) is very cool to do and makes for some fun combo's.
A blade twisting Rogue powered by dream magic? A ranger augmented by fire magic? A dual wielding warrior that also has poison on his blades and bombs? Soldier (1h and shield) paired with Nature magic (summon some wolves yo!) and many more, I reall loved it.

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I immediately thought of Space Pirates and Zombies when I saw the topic. Then I saw there was a very recent quicklook up. Which makes this a pretty irrelevant post. But check it out. It's awesome. Edit: spelling

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Europa Universalis 3! Well, I didn't recently discover it, I played it years ago once, but I've only recently really become enthralled by it. After spending a couple hundred hours with Crusader Kings 2, I went through the Paradox back catalog. Vanilla EU3: Divine Wind is a really great game, and with mods it's simply incredible.

I mean, you can play as almost any nation that existed between 1399 and 1820; there is a semblance of historical accuracy (unlike Civ, EU3 is horribly, horribly unbalanced, and with good reason: it simply makes no sense for the Iroquois to be inventing gunpowder before Europe or China) but skilled human players can always outwit the AI. It's why on the forums you'll see "World Conquests", where a master EU3 player takes a below-average nation from one province to global domination.

My latest campaign has been playing the Byzantines, in an effort to hold off the Ottomans, with an eventual goal of reuniting the Roman Empire. I'm driving inflation through the roof minting enough money to support the troops to keep the Ottomans at bay, and I still lose ground. It's pretty rough, but extremely fun.

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recommendations. I will definitely try them out(:

Good bundle for a great price(: