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G'day everyone

For a while now I've been making comics about old video games. SO WHAT, I hear you say, THERE'S A MILLION BADLY DRAWN COMICS OUT THERE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES, GET OFF MY INTERNET. This is true. Mine is different because:

a) I try to make them about (sort of) obscure old games that nobody else does. So no Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc.

b) YOU decide which game I do next!

So I thought I'd start a thread here and see what games my fellow Patrick in a hot dog suit enthusiasts would suggest.

Here's some I've done previously to get started...

Bubble Bobble

Wonder Boy


OK...what should I do next?

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Actraiser please! Like... anything to do with Actraiser... please... I want more actraiser!!!

Please... just give me a new one Square Enix... I am beggin ya!!!

Please... let my prayers be answered one day.

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I vote for Ski Free. It's not really obscure, but it really only existed in a time and place and hasn't lived on.

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Please do one about Tomba!

It's not that old, or that obscure, but that game deserves comics god dammit

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Mischief Makers, if N64 is old enough. 

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Jet force gemini

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Comix Zone. A comic of a game that is inside a comic.
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Holy cow, so many fantastic responses so quickly! :O My arm is going to fall off.

@CountMacula: Skate or Die was AWESOME. Particularly the C64 version with the kick ass music! HERE IS A SKATE OR DIE COMIC.

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The only videogame literally about a comic:

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@lead_farmer said:

Biohazard Battle

For this I feel like I need to unfollow you just so I can click "Follow" again.

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@Gazunta: Y'know what? I enjoyed those first three comics very much indeed. Nice one! Also: Impossible Mission.

EDIT: Scratch that, I just scrolled down. Make that the first four comics I liked.

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Shadowgate. Give everyone nightmares.

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@BraveToaster said:

Akuji: The Heartless

Man, I saw that game in the drawer the other night and was really tempted to pop it in. I know it's not the best game ever, and yet I've finished it on more than one occasion.

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Gunstar Heroes

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All the suggestions for Comix Zone are doing my head in. A comic within a comic within a game within a comic INCEPTION.

@ESREVER: The Lost Vikings wouldn't be in much trouble today...


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Xenon 2

Da dada da-da da-da da

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Broken Sword!

...I'm going to go play Broken Sword.

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Battle Toads!

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Bionic Commando

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Edit: was looking back through the comics and this struck me as relevant.

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@buzz_clik said:

@Gazunta: Y'know what? I enjoyed those first three comics very much indeed. Nice one! Also: Impossible Mission.

EDIT: Scratch that, I just scrolled down. Make that the first four comics I liked.

Glad you like, thanks for reading! :)

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@Gazunta: Ha! Noice, mate.

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Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game

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Is Diablo 2 old enough? Because Diablo 2.

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That 3DS/Trog one got me good. Did you ever play Punky Skunk? Oh boy was that game bad in retrospect, but I loved it as a kid. Basically ripping off the whole Sonic the Hedgehog bad-kid vibe. That's my request. Keep it up!

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@GunslingerPanda said:

Shadowgate. Give everyone nightmares.

There you go :) That damn book at the start was such a cheap death!

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Grim Fandango.