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Sorry in advance for posting this at the wrong board, forum etc. I am really sorry.

So to the point. 10-12 years ago I was playing the demo versoin of a game I can't find now. It was 2d sidescrolling with cartoonish graphics. You controlled a skeleton boy-hooligan and killed everyone in the way for money. You bought weapons like uzis and planks. When you reached many kills, you could transform to a red monster and do special attacks. It wasn't classic beat'em up game, since it had a story and adventure elements. I t looked like a comic actually.

If that also helps, I remember the desktop icon was a sphere with a letter in it I think. I amy be completely wrong though. Please help me, I am getting a headache from the long search.

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I'm looking for the name of a game too. It was a ninja game on the PS1 or PS2, you played as a ninja with spiky purple hair, and had some RPG elements/somewhat open world.

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Halo 4?

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From reading your description it sounds as if old video games were designed with Mad Libs.

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@Karkarov:Yep, it was Musashi, I thought it had Brave in the title.

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@a7madHD said:

is it Mr Bones ?

No it isn't. Any other ideas guys?

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@Christonikos: Do you know if it was a PC only game?

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Halo 4?

YES! Thank you I've been trying to remember this game for years.
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@ADAMWD: No I am not sure. I played it on PC though. I can describe every second of the demo, but I can't remember name.

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Skeleton Warrior?

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I wanted to say splatterhouse but that wasn't on the PC and it came out 20 years ago.

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Well not of these, but I feel we are getting closer.

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@Christonikos: I looked for a long time on google with various search terms and I couldn't find anything that jived with what you described... the only thing I found was Skullmonkeys, and from what I saw it didn't have the ability to buy weapons.

Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I don't know what it could be. Sorta sounds like some kind of GTA mod haha.

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@AhmadMetallic said:

@glyn said:

Halo 4?

YES! Thank you I've been trying to remember this game for years.

Don't you mean trying to forget? :P

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@JCTango: No , that's not the case.

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@Twinsun: Thanks for your time, but still no.

However it seems that I have to search deeper at flash games now.

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I found at last the game. It was Hateful Chris.