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So i've been looking for a game which i played back when i was young. But i simply cannot find it.

The mechs are basically simplistic bipedal mechs with a cockpit. They have 1 weapon mount (blaster-ish) and 1 secondary weapon mount (like a mortar).

The game was a semi-fast paced shooter and the mechs could jump some ridiculous distances (that ability has a cooldown). Most of the game centered around online PvP.

The aesthetics resembled mechwarrior 2 somewhat (terrain textures are stretched, mechs look somewhat low-fi)

No, it's not starsiege. If i recall correctly (which is unlikely), it has the word 'Cyber' in it.

Does anyone remember this game?

edit: The game has been found by CosmicBatman. It's called Cyberstrike 2. Scroll down for image + videos.

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No, that's not the one. It's not the japanese type of mechs.

Basically its one large, semicircular cockpit with a human in it, and then it has legs. Similar to the flea in mechwarrior. With a weapon mounted in the bottom of the cockpit and the back has the mortar launcher.

The color scheme is a lot darker than that as well.

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@Waswat: Some questions to help narrow the search down:

  • Was it on the PC?
  • About what year did you remember playing this game?
  • Do you remember what the mechs were called ingame?
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- Yes

- Good question... my best guess would be maybe ~10 years ago?

- Sorry, i have no idea, was a bit too young to take notice of such things.

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Even if it wasn't starsiege, since you mentioned it, that game was awesome.

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Not denying that :)

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Naw man, it's not a mech that looks like a human. But cheers for the answers so far guys, keep 'em coming.

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That's not it either. :\

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Future Cop: L.A.P.D.? (never knew this was on the PC as well, thought it was a PSOne exclusive)

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Cyberstrike 2?

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@CosmicBatman: YOU LEGEND!!! That's the one! :D Thank you so much. The game is dead sadly, but man, this is a blast from the past for me. :)

For those interested:

Here's some rare, bad and old footage on youtube. I'd recommend to mute the video but that's just personal preference:

How it is now: