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So, we did this yesterday, but I didn't put too many songs into the game. Today, I doubled up. Hopefully, more people can participate, and it will be more challenging.

Below are two videos, A and B. Each contains chunks of songs from video games. I've changed the length of each chunk from 45 to 30 seconds, so the videos are shorter than last time. Some songs are familiar, some are more obscure. They come from a variety of popular genres and consoles spanning (mostly) all of gaming's history. Every game was commercially released in the United States, which means there are no import titles or obscure indie games. I only used the original version of each song as featured in the game, and did not include covers, orchestral versions, or remixes. Aside from chopping them down to thirty second lengths, I did not edit the songs.

Again, it's a pretty sloppy video, but I did include song numbers this time, which I hope will clear up some of the confusion. The numbers change a few seconds before the song does, so I apologize.


  1. Only ONE GUESS per person. We want everyone to have a chance to play!
  2. You must post the name of the game from which the song comes, and at what part of the game it is featured. The title is not necessary, but good to put in your post.
  3. I'll post the names of those who guess correctly in this post
  4. Be sure to thank me for being so benevolent
  5. Oh, I threw a trick song in there, which breaks my own rules. Watch out!


Video A

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Video B

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Video A

  1. Uniform: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
  4. Management: Uncharted
  5. BoneCollecta: Mortal Kombat 3
  6. Ventilaator: Freedom Fighters
  7. TheCreamFilling: Halo
  10. NOBODY

Video B

  3. RockmanBionics: Shadow of The Colossus
  5. ESREVER: Final Fantasy XIII (kind of...)
  6. Timing: Rayman Origins
  7. Hailinel: Mega Man 3
  8. Zithe: Starfox 64
  10. upwarDBound: Resident Evil
  11. NOBODY
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Video A #7 is Halo 2's MJOLNIR Mix played during the Scarab fight in Metropolis.

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A5 is "The Bridge" from Mortal Kombat 3 (UMK3). Great Song!

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Song number 4 in video A is Nathan Drakes theme from Uncharted 1, 2 and 3

They are a bit different in every one but not enough for me to tell.

A1 is from World of Warcraft, but can't remember where.

#5 Posted by upwarDBound (658 posts) -

Video A #4 - Uncharted

#6 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Video B #7: Is the theme to Crash Man's stage in Mega Man 2.

#7 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -

As usual I remember perfectly the ones I heard before but I can`t put names on them, god damn it.

Thanks for ruining my day, please someone get these right cause it´s going to drive me crazy.

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Gah, I know I've heard B1 and A8 before, I just can't place them!

Number B3 is from Shadow of The Colossus, when you fight/climb some of the colossi, it's used several times I believe.

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@BoG: If you got one right but someone just barely beat you to the punch, can you try again? This is a great idea by the way, thanks!

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@upwarDBound: Yes, you sure can.

Good job so far, everyone.

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B10 is from Resident Evil.

edit: I meant B10 not A

#12 Posted by ESREVER (2837 posts) -

B5: Some sort of 8-bit remix of Blinded by Light, the Battle Theme for Final Fantasy XIII.

#13 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -

B6 is Rayman Origins: Lums of the Water.

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Video A 6 is Outcast

Edit: People took got Rayman so I changed mine.

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A-1 is The Burning Legion - The Burning Crusade Soundtrack (World of Warcraft)?

#16 Posted by JackSukeru (6163 posts) -

I know B1 now!

Someone tell me if they figure out A8, it's driving me nuts.

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Video B, song 6 is from Rayman Origins (From the Ocean World)

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B8 is from Starfox 64

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A9 some Batman game.  
A10 some Zelda game.

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@yoshimitz707 said:

B8 is from Starfox 64

Curses! That was the only one I recognized.

@H2Oyea said:

A9 some Batman game. A10 some Zelda game.

One guess at a time, duder (even though I'm pretty sure both of those are wrong).

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A9 totally sounds like it has to be from an Indiana Jones game, but the quality is too good so I'm probably wrong... unless it's from one of the "new" games (LEGO or the games that didn't come out on the PC), never played any of those. I'd really like to know where it's from, it sounds awesome.

#23 Posted by Akeldama (4337 posts) -

@BoG: Is number 6 in video A from Freedom Fighters?

#24 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

I think A9 is from Batman Arkham Asylum, just finished that game a few days ago and it sounds very Batmanish.

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Since the previous people have only mentioned the game and not the context, I'm gonna go ahead and say.

A6 is "Snow battle" from Freedom Fighters.

Plays during a mission you have in a snowy area.

#26 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Is A10 from Chrono Cross? Sure sounds like it.

#27 Posted by Shotaro (814 posts) -

A2 sounds like something from Mega Man X but I might be miles off base.

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@BoG: B8 is Wolf's theme from Starfox 64?

Edit: Hmm, seems like other people already guessed the game. :/

#29 Posted by Juvenfly (129 posts) -

A10 Sounds like a weird remastering of the forest theme from Chrono Trigger...or some song from that game.

#30 Posted by BrickRoad (720 posts) -

B1 is from Links Awakening.... I think? Possibly.... (I might be wrong)

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Congrats to Ventilaator and Zithe for correct guesses. Remember, I need context for these songs!

A10 isn't from Chrono Trigger, and none of the songs are from Batman. Keep guessing!

#32 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

A8 is from chrono cross

#33 Posted by JackSukeru (6163 posts) -

Bumping this, I still want to know where I heard A8 before!

#34 Posted by CommodoreGroovy (584 posts) -

A10 is from Breath of Fire III, and the song is called falling green. It's clearly a close copy of Chrono Trigger's "Secret of the Forest"