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Name the GB Windjammers-esque game (77 votes)

WindBombers 18%
BombJammers 18%
DiscBlammers 4%
SummerJammers 60%

Through what can only be called "scientific" processes, we have rounded up some possible names for this GB-flavored re-imagining of ye olde WindJammers.

I'mma let you finish, but only until Thursday, November 21 at 5:00 PM PST. So vote early and vote once. Just the once, please.

Monday's update is gonna be sweeeeeeeet, by the way, so stay tuned.

#1 Posted by slyspider (1039 posts) -

I want SummerJammers to be the name. Seems appropriate.

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I should mention that this is for the US/EUR name. Obviously, changing the region to JPN will change the name to Flying Power Bomb (and remove Drew from the character list due to his North Korean connections).

#3 Posted by Master_Funk (723 posts) -

Summer Jammers in honor of Ryan Davis.

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#5 Posted by TheHT (10314 posts) -

I like WindBombers

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@mister_v said:


I like it, but I would go for VinnJammers. VinJammers should be used for GB remake of Twisted Metal or Carmageddon.

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VinnCo's Flying Disc Hockey powered by Dew

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SummerJammers is the only answer

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Monday update eh? I can't wait to see it, I'm impressed you're keeping on with this project. Good luck duder!

#12 Posted by Brother_PipPop (246 posts) -

SummerJammers to respect the legacy of Davis obviously.

#13 Posted by PeezMachine (209 posts) -

Horn sound! That marks the end of voting, with 60% going to SummerJammers.

See y'all Monday.