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If your answer's yes, then you've come to the right place.

December's just upon us so it's time to get into the Holiday spirit, and dressing up your avatars are a great way to do so! It came to my attention that the Christmas hat addition in the Giant bomb image editor isn't available anymore and unfortunately, not everyone can Photoshop their avatars. Hopefully someone in charge will re institute this feature on the site, but for the time being I'll be Christmasafying anybody's avatar by photoshopping a Santa hat myself.

I'll be partaking in the task of spreading Holiday cheer among the Giant Bomb community throughout the better part of December. I've already helped a few other duders after this problem came to my attention in another thread. So if you want/need a Santa hat for your avatar, then ask away. :D

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i feel like mine should be pretty simps

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GB ate my post, but I still believe that Dwayne Casey needs some holiday spirit. Y'know, so he can lead the Raptors to the Promised Land.

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I would love you forever for a hat!

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I would love you forever for a hat!

Funny enough, I already posted one for you in another thread.

Here you go! Merry Christmas.

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I could sure use a santa hat :)

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This is important work you're doing.

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i would like one please and thank you

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This is some fantastic stuff. And if you have some spare time, I'd take you up on your offer. I'm terrible with MS Paint (just see my old monkey with a gun Christmas avatar - yeeeeesh).

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Any help with mine would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Just try and photoshop me motherfucker!

Seriously it would be much appreciated. I don't have Photoshop on this computer.

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@marc: Have a merry christmas!

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I could go for a hat.

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Would be rad if you could help me out too :)

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I remember trying to find a good shot of Edward Elric last year where I could fit a hat on his head. I found one I liked, but I wound up just putting a tiny red hat somewhere on the picture.

Here's my current avatar, see what you can do. He's even got a red coat and is in a snowy, northern area!

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I would love a hat! If I were to do my own it would be me drawing one in ms paint and I can't decide if that would be better or worse.

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Chie would love a hat too! Arigato gozaimasu in advance!

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I'm too lazy to do it myself, so I would appreciate if you could give my avatar a Santa hat.

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I wonder if Matty will open a thread to photoshop communist themes into people's avatars.

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Could I please get a Santa hat for both of these Kurapika avatars? That would be so awesome. Thanks in advance duder! :D

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I would greatly appreciate a Santa Hat for my Avatar. Here is a pic of it that'll give you more room to work with. Thanks in advance

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I'd like to see what mine looks like with a Santa hat or two. And sorry to be so demanding, but I'd like one for Freddy Fender.

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Sure, hit me up if it ain't no thang!

Larger image of my current av right there if needed.

Appreciated! :)

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You rock!

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Can someone give Fuuka a hat?

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Brock needs to get into the mood please.

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I don't even know where you'd put it.

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How can I say no? Of course mine looks like it might be a little hard to do so use what ever magic you need to do.

Please and Thank you

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I'm going to turn in for the day, so I'll check back tomorrow for any pending requests. I'm only one duder, so forgive me if it takes a little time to get to all of you.

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Already did one myself a while ago...and I added falling snow!

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