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Please no office/desk chairs (unless they're really special) or couches. Please do not ask why. I will be doing most of my gaming in front of a TV, and not on a PC. Again, please do not ask why, as that is not the discussion I am opening up.

I have been playing my games in this chair (except mine's black) for the better half of a decade.

I'm planning on moving across the country in a few months, and I won't be taking it with me. It's treated me well and I think it's time for a change. The padding is a bit worn, and honestly the metal bar at the bottom is starting to make my legs so numb after 30+ minutes of playing.

I've seen rockers, recliners, dish chairs, bean bags, and even blow-up chairs that people swear by. Most of my gaming is on consoles (for reasons I will not discuss or change), so keep that in mind.

So what do you use?

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My chair recently broke so I'm using an excercise ball in its place. It's either that or sitting at the edge of the bed

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Most people I am assuming play from either a Sofa/LazyBoy or Office Chair. I know I do. I will however sometimes sit in front of my sofa and just lean my back against it.

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I bought a lazy boy at a local used furniture store. It only cost 60 bucks, plus another 30 I paid to have someone clean it (just in case.) It has treated me well.

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My advice is not to make double threads.

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A comfortable one.

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My advice is not to make double threads.

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I would get a big comfy recliner chair, possibly a La-Z-Boy. I currently use a couch but thats only because it's what I have. I hope to get a nice big comfy recliner in the future.

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I know you said no desk chairs but I went with an executive desk chair that reclines. Good padding, good back support and it's on wheels so I can move it from the desk to the living room depending on which PS3 I want to use. It cost me about $375 and has a 15 year warranty. It's probably the best purchase I've made since leaving high school except for replacing the mattress I had since I was 4 that was too short.

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I play on a pile of bricks covered in old blankets, but you should get this

Only $5,950!

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Chairs are for losers. Couches are where the cool kids are at.

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I've been looking for one because mine is old and offers little to no support. Sadly, to get a "good" chair, it seems you have to fork over quite a bit of money, but if it lasts you ten or so years, that's not so bad. The wrong kind of chair can mess your back and hips up, so getting a good one is key.

As for console or TV gaming, a recliner is great, provided you don't fall asleep while playing.

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Dude, I have that very same chair, also in black! But I hate it! The metal bar digging into my legs is the worst. As for recommendations, I have none, as I need some myself.

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I've been sitting on this damn chair for what seems like forever just waiting for it to break so I'll have an excuse to get something nice.

It's never going to break...

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I have one of these for my Gaming Room/Console gaming needs
It did cost a little more than just a chair but it's sooo comfortable and totally worth it.

images are there, the language probably makes no sense to the majority of the people