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Can be free, or even just cheap, anything less than 20 dollars but no subscription.

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Counter Strike Source

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someone more action and adventure.

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I wouldent want to play them for the long term but ive had fun, with friends, in free-to-play MMO's like Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Online (though I hear Runes of Magic is the best F2P MMO).

You can also play Dynasty Warriors Online for free in parties of 4. 

If you want to go a more action-RPG route then you can play Phantasy Star Online (Blue Burst) for free on your PC (and technically on consoles with some work) here which is still a pretty fun game.

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@Demyx said:
" someone more action and adventure. "
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Guild Wars? Or Vindictus, as people have said. 

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Battlefield 2 Demo. 
I wanted to say Battlefield Play 4 Free but the test build I played was not good.

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Borderlands is on sale on Steam right  now. Check it out.

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I'd try Divine Souls when the game comes back up.  Pretty cool steampunk setting and it plays like an arcade brawler, which is a rarity for PC games, let alone MMOs.  
I also suggest playing anything not farmville :p

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Team Fortress 2? 20 bucks on steam