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So I have both games, and I love Burnout Paradise, and still play it from time to time. While NFS: MW comes out the gate like a spiritual sequel after a few hours with it, it's just not the same. I think the world in BP is bigger and the inclusion of motorcycles has always been badass. Although I do like having real cars and police chases every once in a while (although the game relies on them a bit much). Which game do you prefer?

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I swear I answered this exact question a week ago or something. Burnout Paradise is the right answer.

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NFS can't do the crazy crashes that Burnout can so my vote is for Burnout.

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No sane person would say Most Wanted.

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No sane person would say Most Wanted.

Then I guess I'm insane. I really enjoyed Paradise (the single player is definitely better than MW), but between the (IMO) superior multiplayer and the fact they give you a guiding line on the map so you know where to drive, I think I'm enjoying MW more right than than I remember enjoying Paradise. With Paradise I had to put some hours in before I really enjoyed it. With MW, while the single player is short and the crashes are pretty crap. I didn't have to learn the city before I could enjoy it. But, Burnout 2 will always be king in my mind.

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There are things I like more about Most Wanted, but as an overall game, Burnout: Paradise is easily better, hands down. It's not even a contest.