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I've recently started playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Alpha Protocol with a stealthy play style in both (I'm even going for the Pacifist achievement in HR). However, in both games, I've gotten in a bit of trouble with managing what my inventory should have in terms of my weapons. For HR, I have an assault rifle, pistol (which proved useful for removing some mines I've run into earlier), an Uzi, and a stun gun. I'm sure I'll get rid of the Uzi after a while, but since the bosses are not included in the Pacifist achievement, I'll probably hold onto the assault rifle to take them out quickly. As for Alpha Protocol, I have a pistol and an assault rifle; otherwise, I have no idea what I should have for my projected play style.

Also, I'm playing both games on the hardest difficulties (for AP, I'm also a Recruit, which starts you off with no skill points) in my first playthrough in each.

Any related help would be useful.

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Make sure you do the storage upgrades in HR. They seem benign as a Stealth/Pacifist playthrough but they help big time. Once you get most of them the whole inventory problem shouldn't be as big an issue. I had the Laser Rifle for Bosses, and my Stun Gun/Tranq Rifle for most of the game with room to spare for candy. The best advice I can give is to take your time.

As for Alpha Protocol, a lot of sections are so broken that it's difficult to really gauge when weapons are effective. I played through focusing on Handguns, Fisticuffs, and Stealth. Invest mostly in Stealth, and save money for Tranq rounds for your pistol if you're going pacifist. (If you're not going Pacifist, replace Hand-to-Hand with Assault Rifles like you have now) Especially when bosses are coming, because they soak up ammo like a goddamn black hole. The best advice I can give for AP is to be patient. The game fucks up, and sometimes you have to roll with the drunken punches. Don't get me wrong, I love AP, but damn is it broken.

Good luck.

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In AP, focus on Stealth and Pistols. Anything but pistols is useless simply because the pistol is incredibly overpowered in later levels.

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Thirding a pistol focus for AP. Once you crank up the Critical Hit and Chain Shot skills, you're pretty much unstoppable. 6 instant kills/knockouts with a 30-second time freeze, you can't get much better than that.

I also spread out my remaining points between Sabotage and Stealth (Sabotage to get the bonus hack money, Stealth for obvious reasons). If you're quick enough, you shouldn't need to invest in Toughness. Chain Shot takes everyone down fast enough that the health bonus is all but meaningless.

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@Rxanadu: Are you going for pure stealth, no kills on Deus Ex?

NVM. I missed your comment that you are going for the no kills on HR.

Anyways. You don't really need any sort of deadly weapons. You can disarm mines by crouching then slow walking to them and the prompt will come on for you to disarm it. As far as weapons go then all you need is the tranq rifle and the stun gun. I would also suggest you level up to get the Tornado ability. It makes the shitty boss battle go by faster. Don't worry about killing the bosses. They don't count for the Pacifist achievement. You can just pick any deadly weapon you have around you and use that.

Stock up on Nuke Viruses and Stop! Worm software for you hacks (I recommend leveling up your hack skills), hacking cams and bots helps a lot. and also stock up on Cyberboosts, Hyperstims, and Painkillers. Personally I also like to have a few gas grenades and mines.

Gameplay wise, take your time. Learn the guards routs, and explore, explore, explore. Save a lot and don't be afraid to load up saves and experient Remember just because you got made and/or raised the alarms doesn't means failure unless you are also going for the ghost achievement. Don't be afraid to retreat and gather your thoughts in case you don't want to do much reloading. I'm not gonna lie to you, there will be spots where you might want to reload as they require some pre planning.

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I agree with the previous comments: stealth and pistols are essentially a late-game win button in AP.

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@Rxanadu: AP may be impossible to finish depending on how good ya are at fucked gameplay. The AR stuff will probably help, but at some point you are going to be sacrificing your ability to focus on stealthy stuff just because there are bosses that are practically impossible for pure stealth characters. I went with the hardest difficulty and the blank slate character, and I never was able to beat the russian crack head boss. And all of the other bosses were pretty fucking awful experiences. Other than bosses though, stealth and pistols were super effective for me. If they hadn't put the boss bullshit in that game, man it would have been fantastic. But depending on exactly how you spec your dude, you may just hit a wall you can't progress past. So be prepared.

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You can beat the bosses in DX:HR with the stun gun and gas/EMP grenades. Drop all of those bulky guns, duder.

Stun Gun > All

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I'll second the upgrade your storage tip, you really need the room. I did a stealth playthrough and experimented with a bunch of different weapons, what I finally settled on was an upgraded silenced pistol, the assault rifle upgraded with a silencer for when things go balls up, and a big gun for bosses, which was primarily the rocket launcher then the grenade launcher when it was available. The remaining room was for ammo grenades mines and health. Wasn't too many situations I couldn't get through with that loadout. Also get strength being able to carry turrets around is real helpful.

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For Deus Ex all I used was the stun gun and grenades meant to stun or distract people.

As for Alpha Protocol your best bet would be to throw the game in the fucking trashcan and never speak of it again.

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In AP you definitely want to focus on upgrading pistols, stealth, and maybe a little martial arts.

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Some random advice for stealth in AP - Do not wear armor until the advanced stealth armors become available (armor makes too much noise and gets you noticed). Get the upgrade that lets you hack/unlock stuff with EMP devices, and then fill you inventory with them. Switch to steel core pistol rounds for the bosses, chain shot to the head usually takes care of them. Try to do a completely undetected run of the CIA Listening Post mission in Rome, it will grant you a very nice stealth perk.

Upgrading the assault rifle skill is not really necessary, as long as you charge up a critical it works adequately as a back up weapon even at low skill. CQC upgrade is not really important either, since you'll be doing stealth takedowns preferably. The tech skill that lets you briefly avoid detection by cameras is pretty good. Oh, and remember you can charge you pistol criticals from cover - this is very useful, and the range from which you can use it increases as you level up the skill.