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can somone help my i want to find a old game i playd but i dont know the name can somone say a old game it is just like red aler 2 if you know a old game like that say it plzz tyx than

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Check GoG under strategy: http://www.gog.com/games/strategy

Otherwise you'd need to provide more info. Platform? Rough year? Anything distinctive? Enemy types? Space? Fantasy? anything?

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Total Annihilation?

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Call of Duty 4

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uhhm i think it was 2006 and i can remember that thar was a tall robot and a robot spider that can dig and can come out at a different place the type of game i dont know but i was a little bit like redalert 2

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Supreme Commander?

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no i think that it was a little bit populer but i dont know i was 6 so i cant remember much of the game but what i know is that i was to young to play it XD

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