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Need help finding this one, the name completely escapes me so I can't find any screenshots or anything to help out

If found, I'm going to play the hell out of this sonuvabitch, and I'd advise anyone to do the same

You ever play a game that was on either Ps2 or Gamecube (can't be sure)

It was in a scary mansion, and upon entry the main dude (a rat) took your soul, I believe?

All the characters were animals, and they were all cube-shaped, sorta like Minecraft

The goal was to use the rooms to scare the souls out of other guests and then harvest them, if they saw you they would flip out and chase you around the mansion

There was a pink lizard nurse - one of the earlier guests - who stabbed you in the head with a giant syringe when she caught you

The guests don't move out once you harvest the souls, and they will gang up on you and fuck your shit up if you're not extremely careful

They got added on a time basis - so there was a limited time for collecting souls, before the rat killed you and it was game over, which would mean starting again from the beginning because you've completely fucked it

I can't remember much more, but there was also some kind of meta-card game in there, and at the end there was a large board game against the rat, whose name's in the title

never seen this game since I played it, all those years ago
no random images online
never mentioned in any discussions
but it was fucking quality
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No clue what game this is but it sounds amazing

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@Icemael said:

Gregory Horror Show.

You are amazing, sir

Was searching on google for "henry mansion" and "stanley scary ps2 castle"

knew it had a posh-sounding name in the title

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I just found the wiki for it, turns out there's an anime :|

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@LobsterCrunk: The Giant Bomb community is happy to have blown your mind.
Thank you and come again.
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That game looks pretty cool.

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@Icemael said:

Gregory Horror Show.

I've been here for years and I'm still impressed, hah, good job!

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This was made by Capcom?... why do I not remember this?

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I want to play this game now.

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I was gonna tell you to stop taking acid, but it seems such a game does exist. Madness.

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