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Hey guys thanks for coming to this post.

So im looking for a new game like Dragon Age: Origins. my Dragon Age Origins experience was the best i've ever had playing any game EVER. The immersion, the cheracters, the story line all 10/10 in my opinion. I enjoyed every moment of this game and I want to relive the experience but on a new game! but I need your guys help finding a new game like dragon age. I need a game with good immersion, story line and charecters.

Got any reccomendations? post them! (please don't say Dragon Age 2, such a let down coming from Dragon Age: Origins)

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DA:O reminds me mostly of older CRPG's of which there aren't many games that get made in that style any more. If you're looking for more recent stuff, I might look at KOTOR if you haven't already, though the combat is pretty rudimentary compared to DA:O. There's also NWN2, which hasn't aged particularly well, but it's probably the most directly comparable game to DA:O. NWN2's expansion, Mask of the Betrayer is particularly good. If you are willing to try some older, late 90's early 2000's kind of stuff, there's plenty. First, I'd check out the Baldur's Gate Series, I'd check out Planescape: Torment, and if you liked BG and BG2 I'd try the Icewind Dale stuff. I'd also keep my eye on Obsidian's Project Eternity.

Also, I can't believe I almost forgot to recommend Fallout, which is a pretty seminal game for the rpg genre and I'm pretty sure it's one of the greatest games ever made and probably better than every game I just listed above. You can find most of these games on gog.com, which is helpful because the DnD license makes some of the games a little weird to find sometimes.

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@itwastuesday: thanks for your reply! you made some great suggestions and i'll be sure to check them out.

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Are you looking for a PC game? Console? Does it even matter? Are you looking for a similar fantasy setting? Does the combat system matter to you?

If you somehow haven't played Mass Effect, you should.

I've also heard many people recommend the Neverwinter Nights games for folks coming off of Dragon Age looking for more, I myself have never played them though.

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@citizencoffeecake: I'm a PC gamer, the combat system doesint matter too much I just want the immersion and story line to be great. I have never played any of the mass effect series as i'm not a very Sci fi person but i've seen mass effect mentioned alot just never really try'd it.

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Yea man give Mass Effect a shot. The character interactions are so good and it is Bioware so it feels kind of like Dragon Age in space. The combat is more turn based in the first one and becomes more like a 3rd person shooter as you go through the series though.

If you really just don't dig the sci fi setting, @itwastuesday made some good fantasy suggestions.

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The witcher 2

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As far as modern PC RPG's with great stories I'd definitely recommend The Witcher 1 and 2. I haven't played Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2 but both games are supposed to have great stories and Dragon Age was kind of Bioware's spiritual successor to Neverwinter Nights. There aren't a ton of great fantasy PC RPG's these days sadly. If you are willing to play some older games I'd likewise suggest Bioware and Black Isle's games from the late 90's and early 00's like Baldur's Gate and Planescape and so forth.

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@rusty_ said:

@citizencoffeecake: I'm a PC gamer, the combat system doesint matter too much I just want the immersion and story line to be great. I have never played any of the mass effect series as i'm not a very Sci fi person but i've seen mass effect mentioned alot just never really try'd it.

There are only three games that top Dragon Age on my personal list and all of those games have Mass Effect in the title. You should probably at least give that a shot.

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OP wants a BioWare game not made by BioWare. Hrm.

That's actually really tough. I'd say start with the first Witcher game, it's a cRPG in every sense of the word and while the second chapter (of like, six) is kind of slow and plodding, the story is excellent. Witcher 2 afterward for some really epic shit. If you're looking for something more party-based then I'd say go with Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. You can't go wrong with the games that kick-started the whole damn thing, in my opinion.

Aside from that... the party-based genre has been pretty sparse these past eight or so years. Aside from Dragon Age there really hasn't been anything else like it. Project Eternity might be something to keep an eye on, but I don't know if that's party-based.

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You should probably start with Baldur's Gate 2, since that's the game that Dragon Age Origins is supposed to be a spiritual sequel of.

If you don't like it because of its isometric view, then you're going to have a rough time getting into any DAO-like RPG. Most of those games were made in the late 90's and early 2000's and have the same view.

I'll second The Witcher 1 and 2.

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Hit up GoG.com and look at their old school rpg list over there.