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I'm playing around with recording some game footage with commentary. I want to do something on the level of what Patrick would be doing on Spookin' with Scoops or something.

Of course I Google this and there are 5 million different ways to go about this and frankly there's a tad too much bullshit to shift through in a reasonable amount of time.

So, if someone can break it down Barney style or point me to an actually useful tutorial that would be great. Mind you, I really don't care for Live Streaming right now for my Internet connection is probably too crappy. So just looking for recording a video, maybe have my dumb face at the corner and posting it.

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For the face, I imagine any old webcam would do. As for recording, I've had good results with Hypercam 2.

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Fraps if you only want to record gameplay. If you want to avoid Fraps' terrible uncompressed file size and the fact that it may not even work properly on some applications I'm sure there are other (more expensive) ways of capturing the entire desktop without affecting your performance. Audacity is probably your best bet for commentary but I don't know about webcam stuffs. Because I have issues with my audio I/O I can only have either external or internal audio recording, not both. So I just set up a laptop next to me recording in Audacity. I'm sure separating these processes will also make things run smoother.

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@epicsteve: Xsplit, even though typically used for live streaming, does offer recording screen captures to disk to my knowledge. You can download it for free (the free version just doesn't allow lossy quality 192kbps audio and some other very specific configurations that aren't exactly necessary to my knowledge) and it's installs pretty easily and works out of the box for recording.

I don't think you need a twitch.tv account to use it since it has local, straight-to-disk recording options as far as I know, but unfortunately I am not home to confirm. I've definitely used it before and found it really easy to use.