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Poll: Need help with my birthday present! (62 votes)

PS4 52%
Nintendo 3DS 37%

So, I have 3 options which I can potentially pick, but I don't know what to pick. Therefore, I have gone to the most logical place. Here, the giant bomb forums in order to suss out my conundrum.

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It really depends on what you like, what you want, and what you already have?

If you're naked, no PC, no nuttin', I'd personally say PS4. If you have a 360/PC/PS3, grab a 3DS, the platform has great games if you like those types of games.

I haven't had too much experience, even though I really wanna play Soul Sacrifice

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OH SHIT! I forgot to say I have a PC, and now I can't edit my post....

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Birthday presents are for children. Go do something for someone else on your birthday instead of presents.

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I'd say 3DS (XL). It has a really good library of games and I've been thinking of getting one myself soon. And I'm assuming you're also interested in its library since you put it on the list. It's fairly cheap right now too, all things considered.

If you already have a PC, and you don't see anything on the horizon that is truly PS4-exclusive that you want (none of this timed stuff that will eventually come to PC), then you don't really need a PS4 right now. Get it when more games come out.

The PS Vita would probably be my last choice as if you already had a PS4, then it would be a great companion piece. But as it stands now, and unless you have a 8+ list of games you want to play on it, then you could probably skip that too. Get one after you get a PS4 would be my advice as it's the Robin to the PS4's Batman. Batman can stand on his own, but Robin is great/helpful to have around if you can manage it. But Robin by himself? Less cool (I don't count Nightwing).

@pulledabrad said:

Birthday presents are for children. Go do something for someone else on your birthday instead of presents.

He could just be buying it for himself like a real adult. AND do something for someone else on the side. Win-win.

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The 3DS has the best selection of games right now, but a PS4 is probably the better investment. Whichever one of those looks more appealing to you gets my vote.

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I bought myself a set of golf clubs for my birthday present back in June. I bought an Xbox One on launch day because why the fuck not?

To answer your question, 3DS, best set of games out of the 3 and will be that way for at least 18+ months. Plus you got a PC.

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Birthday presents are for children. Go do something for someone else on your birthday instead of presents.

I'm keeping this line in my backpocket. The next time someone asks me for a birthday present, I'll be ready to blow their minds.

@dacnomaniac: As of right now, the order is like this (based on the current selection of titles): 3DS > Vita > PS4. However, if we're talking about long-term benefits, the PS4 becomes the best investment and the two handhelds even out a little more. It's your call.

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Xbox one is better !

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Get a 3ds now, then get the ps4 for your birthday next year.

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Get back to feeding on Dota Dac

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Instead of giving to yourself, why not give to a charity? Its the holidays and food stamps dont go far. Dont forget the Canada guy that won forty million and is giving it away. All of it.

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There are so many great 3DS games out and coming down the pipe. Vita's got a few solid titles but it can't hold a candle to the 3DS library. Unless you really want to play Killzone or Knack or Resogun, there's nothing out on PS4 at this point that you can't get on PC for cheap (Steam Winter Sale, baby!). The console will definitely be a worthwhile purchase down the road, but I'd say hold off, at the very least until inFamous.

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i refuse to give money to Nintendo for any reason, so that narrows it down to the Vita or PS4. I have both, and have gotten more out of the PS4 than the Vita, so my choice is the PS4, despite the fact that it doesn't have a huge amount of games at the moment.

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Get a 3ds if you want to play through a back catalog of awesome games right now. Get a Ps4 if you don't mind waiting for a catalog to accumulate. Finally, get a Ps Vita if you want to play Persona 4 Golden.

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I think 3DS is a good choice. It's backwards compatible with DS games, so you can really get some good bargains without paying so much money for new games. If you don't take good care of your portable game systems, you may want to consider a 2DS even if it is ugly. A 3DS is more subject to break if it falls, while a 2DS is stronger since it doesn't flip and have hinges.

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Voted 3ds, 'cause that's what I'd want.

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The 3DS has a ton of great games that it can play right now.

The PS4 won't really be useful for another year or more (just like the Xbox One) and the Vita, well, the Vita won't ever be useful.

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Birthday presents are for children. Go do something for someone else on your birthday instead of presents.

Is there any indication he's not a child? Swearing on message boards is usually clue number 1.

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OH SHIT! I forgot to say I have a PC, and now I can't edit my post....

With a PC, I'm assuming that can play games really well, the 3DS is the only answer. Fucking shit man Super Mario 3D land, Zelda, Fire Emblem and that Pokemans game where they're all 3D now. I mean polygonal, the 3D isn't that great.

You should just wait on the PS4 to get a slim revision, and you'll only miss out on like 4 games you really wanna play.

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@pulledabrad: @laserguy: Before you get on your high horse, pretending you are the God of all things righteous. I have already done various things for charity, in which I raised a total of £1000 by myself. So, I suggest that instead of leaving a 'knowledge-based post' why not answer the question I asked. I understand that charity is the best, and you should help other people. But when you don't know anything about the other person, and then go on and then imply what they're doing is selfish, that's what pisses me off, and that's what I have a problem with.