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Hey guys,

Please help me with a report I have to deliver. I just need a few of you to answer this survey. It takes less than 5 mins.


Thanks for participating! And if you're interested in this sort of thing check out the ESA's Website. It's full of info on these subjects.


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done even though some of the questions like returning digital games are kind of silly lol

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@rentacop: Yeah, I just noticed it too. The problem is that if I edit the question, I may lose the previous answers. Better to have one too many than one to few I guess.

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Yup, some odd questions in there but I submitted my answers for what it's worth.

Good luck with the report!

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"Having information about video games current offering readily available"

What do you mean by this? Recent games?

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yes. it refers to customer information provided by in-store promotion mostly

In the case of digital stores, the front page advertisement of recent releases.

Basicly it's Do you need info at your purchasing point to help make your decision or do you come in with your mind set on something.

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When you say "physical stores," I assume you mean specialty stores like Gamestop. Since the current generation started in '06, I don't think I've even set foot in a Gamestop, although I have bought games from Wal-Mart and Target.

Just curious--where have you distributed your survey? I don't know anything about the age-range of GB's audience, but when I was a child (i.e. when video games were _really important_), digital distribution did not exist, or at least was unknown to me and my parents. Over the past 15 years or so, not only has digital distribution come into existence and changed the nature of the market, but my understanding has also changed dramatically as I've grown up. In consequence, for the whole of my adult life I've bought games digitally, whereas back when my games came from physical stores, I did not have the mental equipment to be properly critical of those stores.

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@ultraspacemobile: By physical stores I actually meant everyone of those you pointed out.

In response to your second question, I have put it on a few forums online, and passed it around a few friends of mine who also know people who play games. I get what you're saying about Gamestop. The fact that they have become known for some shady business practises (e.g. reports of them selling second-hand games as if they were first-hand), and ill informed/educated store clerks hurt thembadly in my opinion. They could distinguish themselves as having a kind of "high touch" approach to videogame selling... But they really don't in my experience. Still for people who buy games as a gift for example (and there are a lot of them) and aren't well educated about the product, that could mean having an upper-hand on other retailers.

The thing is that when I was making a survey, I didn't want to make it ten minutes long. So asking about gamestop and wal-mart/Target/etc in separate wasn't much of an option. Perhaps one day if I get to work in a publisher or something I'll get to ask all the questions I wanted =)

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I would argue that being indifferent and having something matter "not at all" is the same thing...

Ok back to the survey.

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Good luck with the project duder!

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I did my part.