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So Amazon is finishing up their labor day sale on game downloads in a day or two and I've picked up everything I knew I wanted but a couple of games I'm still eyeing but iffy but would be a shame to pass up if I end up liking them or vice versa.

Just Cause 2 - Seem to hear a lot of great things about this game and I read Ryans review but ...I play open world games by going straight to the story/main missions usually and don't care to fool around with the open world part much. Plus this game for some reason kind of reminds me in a way of Red Faction Armageddon which I didn't like. Should I bother? I know the story is probably ridiculous and cheesy from what I gather (I have no problem with that) ...but not sure. Is there enough redeeming qualities for someone who wishes to focus on the main stuff more?

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II RTS games - I kind of liked the Space Marine game and seeing these on sales had me interested. I know they're RTS and I'm not particularly an RTS guy and have no interest in multiplayer but would have no problem playing the campaign once if they were good. Even worth getting into or even POSSIBLE to get into for a non-RTS person?

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I played a bit of Just Cause 2 when it was free on PSN Plus and thought it was pretty fun. I only played for a couple of hours though and it seemed like a lot of the focus was on side missions and causing havoc. The story seemed to involve the standard "Do mission X to increase Standing in Faction Y" type of thing with your goal being to reach the top of one of the factions which would let you win the game.

The single player in Dawn of War 2 is more of an action RPG than an RTS from my understanding. I own it but haven't played it. But I did play the first game and enjoyed it despite not being a huge fan of RTS games. There isn't a lot of base building and resource management. It's more about controlling a squad of troops. The second game went even further in this direction I believe. So I would say that if you very well might like it if you don't normally like RTS games. None of Relic's games have exactly fit the RTS mold. They are all more about managing squads than building bases and collecting resources. They focus on action and tactical play over grand strategy.

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Hmmm might just skip just cause 2 then but dawn of war sounds kinda fun. Almost like fallout tactics.

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Just Cause 2 is indeed more casual and is kinda suited to those who like GTA-like games, but without story. And it's the free-roam game with the largest world to date.
Dawn of War 2 in the other hand is more complicated, story heavy, but also more satisfying. It's an RTS, yes, but without the base building and is more focused on controlling a few units and using their abilities.
I love both genres, but if I was to choose, I'd go with DoW 2, because it's more professionally done.

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Dawn of War II is fantastic, its a squad-based RTS, so there's not a whole lot of turtling going on. It's more about managing your unit's skills and going with the right set-up to get the job done. I love that game. Might re-install it right now and play it again!

Just Cause 2 is ALOT of fun. The action is slick and seamless, and once you get the hang of grappling onto moving vehicles and jumping from one to another you will be hooked. I would definitely recommend it. Shame you didn't pick it up in the steam sale, think I got it for five Eurons.

EDIT: Story wise, JC2 doesn't have a lot going on, but its still a lot of fun.

They are both different styles of games though, so if you want something more taxing on the noggin, I would go with DOW II. If you want to jump out of a helicopter, grapple on to another one, kick the pilot out mid-air, shoot down a passing passenger jet then fly your helicopter into the sea, go with JC2.