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Metal Gear Solid: Rising


The story of Raiden between MGS2 and MGS4 in which he fought The Patriots, got turned from a human into a cyborg-ninja and saved Sunny, before Kojima Productions and Platinum Games created Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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@mistasparkle: I do like how it looks so far, for the most part. I kind of wish it had full sentence choices for dialog instead of just keywords, but that might just be because of the stage of development.

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Gamespot did an interesting write up about why Battlefront 3 never released, with some hot finger pointing quotes from some former LucasArts employee. I still hope that game comes out one day, and at this point I would take just about any Star Wars game set during or after the original trilogy.

I still hope to see an HD Road Rash after seeing this pre-viz animation for it

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That pirates of the carribean game looked awesome


Was that the game Jeff was really high on after seeing and playing it at ?(dont remember which event) and then just a few months later was cancelled.

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Tiberium. Damn you, EA! *shakes fist at stormy sky*

Mercenaries: Inc...but according to Wikipedia, it's still in development by some ex-Pandemic guys? Haven't heard anything about it. Damn you, EA! anyway for closing Pandemic. Same for Star Wars: Battlefront 3.

I really hope Mercenaries Inc comes out sometime and isn't bad.

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That pirates of the carribean game looked awesome

Yup, until they make a good pirates game I will always mourn that fallen angel.

Sid Meiers Pirates was good.

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The awesome Too Human game in Dennis Dyack's head before he went insane.