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Well today i received most of my parts for my new pc and to my excitement i got two coupons for AMD's Never Settle Game Bundle, which includes (for my card) Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider (for PC if it wasnt obvious). I figured i pay this forward and give it to one lucky recipient via a giveaway.

Here are the Rules:

  1. You must have more than 50 post to enter
  2. If interested you must leave some kind of original limerick, Haiku, or Poem. Or do something creative but It MUST be related to either of the game franchises OR Giantbomb. You have to do the preceading to be eligible

Here is some Info:

  1. This Giveaway contest will end on Febuary 28th, or if there are no new entries for 5 days.
  2. The winner will recieve the AMD code that they must enter on the "Never Settle" promo site
  3. The codes will be sent by AMD when the games are released.
  4. I will pick the winner based on a randomizer, to be eligible to be entered in the randomizer you have to do something creative. Also if i see something cool I might give my copy of either game as well to the best content when i get the steam code.

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Tomb Raider sounds cool.

Or BioShock Infinite.

I'm fine with either.

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Sounds like fun! Thanks for doing this duder.

Error 500

Makes me very sad inside

Until I read the words

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My PC sucks

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My PC sucks

I hate what the English speaking world has done to the haiku. It's like it's not even connected anymore.

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Please give me the code.

I can not write when I'm sick.

Thank you very much.

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Gonna play Infinite not once but thrice.

Laura Croft's Giant Bombs are very nice.

Hunkadunks are well worth the price.


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There once was a city in the sky
That made its own rules from on high
But concerned citizens pointed out
An issue beyond reasonable doubt
"Where does the poop go?" they sigh

Thanks a bunch for the contest

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;__; Sigh, my Photoshop skills are ultra rusty. Well, anyway, I'm in for Tomb Raider:

1996 Lara starring in 2013's Tomb Raider.

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Gonna play Infinite not once but thrice.

Laura Croft's Giant Bombs are very nice.

Hunkadunks are well worth the price.


i love this...well maybe not love but its good

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You're Giant Bomb-tastic

Lara AND Infinite?

Exploring the skies

Thanks duder for this chance :)

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New Tomb Raider looks like fun,

Though her screaming is a bit overdone,

She thought she was safe,

She needed to strafe,

and returns fire with her gun.


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On the metal cities a-floating away, above olden-day U S of A;

This is a place to which gamers shall flock

To use magic and might, to against all odds fight,

Flee from the Songbird and suffer a fright,

To witness an experience that few may well mock,

A spectacular scene, from a stellar team,

Headed by the great mind of the one Ken Levine.

It's the illustrious, Infinite Bioshock.


Some may prefer to instead defer, and from an old favourite will not be deterred.

Their old friend Lara Croft has landed again,

And has discovered for herself a new jungle den.

But this younger lady is in for some grime, that lovely feature of games of this time.

Slinking around, knowing not where to go,

Allusions to rape, impaled by stakes,

Adhering to the Year of the Bow,

It almost seems enough to make a senator quake.

Controversy aside, it is time for plans to be made

By those itching for Tombs to Raid.

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Go forth, young Croft.

I think you'll do just fine

And make a lot of friends in this

New adventure of yours.

Tomb Raider shall be your nickname.


Booker, your job is to rescue an young woman

On a floating city named Columbia where

Mysteries and insidious plots awaits you.

Bioshock Infinite will tell your tales.

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Beneath the crushing surf of nature's embrace

Atop the icy pinnacle of Man's knowledge

There lies a place fashioned from a dream

Brought into being by the will of one man

One man's dream can become another's nightmare

No gods or kings

Only Vinny.

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Well there are some pretty nice submissions here, I particularly like the submissions from SexyToad, RPGee, and Video_Game_King

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@hiono: Most intense 5 min of my life.

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Well its been pretty much 5 days so im gonna just use "a random thing picker" to choose a winner. Most of the submissions were great but there could only be 1 random winner. So Congratz to @rpgee on winning a random drawing....but their submission was very good too....but yay Chance!

also if a mod could lock this now that would be great