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Poll: New Consoles, Will you pick them on brand loyalty or the winning console? (179 votes)

Brand loyalty. 31%
Winning console. 70%

Since the Ps4 is officially announced, Microsoft will have to announce at minimum something this year. New consoles are officially on the way.

I am now deciding which console will I go for and when. I dont have much money and when I buy one console, that will probably be me.

However since I dont have much money I have found my heart saying "Which ever one "wins" I will buy." Which feels sort of strange, when PS3 and Xbox 360 was set up. I had fallen in love with the xbox 1. So I think I was brand loyal at the time.

What ever my choice, I think I chose right. Since the Ps3 had a ton of problems, I eventually got a ps3 and just using would cause anger in me (E.G Buy a new game, or an old game I havnt played in a year, and 2hrs of updates and installs before I can play, I am told this is fixed now.)

Xbox won between it and PS3 in the grand scheme.

However I find myself becoming annoyed at Microsoft with such things as "Double Dipping" charge for Xbox live....and sell us adverts. Aswell as Game devs finding its hard to work with Microsoft behind the seens. While PS3 is just hard to work with.

If the conference is t be believe this will not be the case this time. This mean I am utterly open to joining Sony once again, as I joined on PS1 (I was brand loyal to Sega at the time, and for some reason got a ps1...wise decision. As Saturn was useless in the UK at the hight point) and PS2 was a wise choice aswell.

What is everyone else?

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I will buy both because I am an adult.

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@ekami: I am a poor adult.......untill I can get a new job which is taking aloooong time.

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.


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I definitely base my purchases off which system is better. I can see where you can make a case for brand loyalty but if I am getting a new console, I am going to get the one that is better overall. Doing this makes sense to me at least!

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Well I was thinking of getting the next Xbox, but everything about the PS4 seems really promising so far. Unless Microsoft can outdo them, then to hell with brand loyalty.

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I will buy at least two of both. One for my home theater downstairs and one for my home theater upstairs, so that I can play and my younger brother who lives in my house can play with me. I may also buy a third of both consoles, so I can have another set at my desk in-between the upstairs and downstairs, where my office is.

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Brand loyalty is stupid

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.


The real question is what console will end up being my main console, And which one will i only use for exclusives. I was almost certain it was going to be microsoft's next one but that PS4 even was impressive and now im not sure.

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I'm going to buy a PS4 because the playstation library is more suited to my fairly specific tastes. I got burned last gen by buying a 360.

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I have 7 years of XBOX LIVE left so i guess that brand loyalty.

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I go where the games are at.

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winning console.

though if the nextbox is backwards compatible thats a big selling point for me.

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I will buy the console that has controllers with better triggers for racing games, as silly as that might sound. If the PS4's controller is better about this, I'll probably pick one up for DriveClub/VroomVroomClub and the like. If not, I'm with whatever Microsoft pushes out, barring any major deal-breaking problems.

If both controllers are good? I'll eventually buy both systems.

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I'm not gonna buy both again that's for sure. I'll go with whatever fits me the best

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Based on which one has the games I want?

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Based on which one has the better games, better online service and which one most of my friends are playing on.

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I'm not buying one at launch, I'm going to wait at least a year - probably longer - and when I do get one, it will be

based on which one has the games I want.

Besides, I will probably end up with both unless Microsoft doesn't release anything more than Halo, Forza, and Gears. I'm done with Gears, I can live without Forza, and Halo... well, after playing Halo 4 I can safely say that I would be A-OK with being left out of the fifth and sixth games. Sony at least has some interesting things to show already, like The Witness, and I can always get my pretty-but-generic on with Killzone.

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I'm not gonna buy both again that's for sure. I'll go with whatever fits me the best

Same here.

I like the 360's online offerings more, so I'm tentatively leaning towards the next Xbox console. However, nothing is final until I see both consoles in action.

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But you won't know the winning one for like three years.

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@jz said:

But you won't know the winning one for like three years.

I'm assuming he means are you going to buy on brand loyalty without even considering the other console, or are you going to try and be impartial and buy which console looks the best to you.

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I've just found myself becoming more and more annoyed with every decision that Microsoft has made over the past couple of years. Sonys system seems like a breath of fresh air so I shall likely be buying on of those on launch.

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my biggest problem with the ps3 and playstation in general has always been the controller. i liked what i saw and what sony has stated about the sticks and triggers and i also like the new shape.from this photo it looks a lot like the shape of the 360 controller. i liked what sony showed so if i like this controller when i get my hands on it. i would not be against a switch from xbox to playstation.

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Brand loyalty because that's my only option it seems. I love Sony's 1st party games, I've been a PS fan since I got a PS1 & I dislike most of Microsoft's 1st party games. Although, I think Alan Wake & Banjo Kazooie are great franchises, I also think Halo, Gears, Forza & all their other IP's are incredibly boring. I've played them so I can form an opinion by the way. I'm not just talking out my ass. Well, I didn't play Forza but I'm not a racing sim kind of guy. Gran Turismo ain't my thing either so it's not like I dislike it because it's on Xbox.

Apart from games, I think Sony has been doing really well lately with PS+. Plus, (no pun intended) I don't want to pay online to play video games. I'm not much of a multiplayer guy so paying for online would be dumb but I do like making new friends on PSN and talking about games & stuff. Also, the new "SHARE" button on the DualShock 4 is my kind of thing. I'm not a Facebook dude but watching other people play, they watch me play & sharing pictures, videos, etc. is something I will enjoy.

I'm going to steal what Archlord said & say, where's the "Console with my favorite games" option?

This pole is hateful! Also!


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@ekami: So since I'm not getting the NextBox, that means I'm a kid? Or are you implying that you have a job and enough money to buy both?

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I was firmly with the 360 this gen, but Microsoft has started to make some very dumb moves with their console. Paying for online is ridiculous at this point, the UI (and the amount of ads) is atrocious. The amount of exclusives is drying up and they seem to be making things more and more difficult for developers. God help us if any of the current rumours about how locked down the system will be are true.

So I'll most likely be switching to the PS4, if I don't stick completely with PC gaming, but I'm of course waiting to see what MS pull out their hat for the new system. I can't understand why anyone over the age of 14 would feel "loyal" to a console.

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Microsoft hasn't evolved the Xbox Live service in any way that I've found meaningful. They're focus seems to be in turning their console into an entertainment hub with "features" such as Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix. This is all redundant for me personally as my consoles and pc are hooked up to the same television, so even if I wanted to use social media I certainly wouldn't pay a monthly fee for the privilege to do so when I could just change the channel and do it for free.

Playstation Plus' service sounds good as their focus for their video game console is actually video games. I hate to sound like a shill, but the console that's offering me discounts and free* games sounds better than the one that's telling me to pay them for the ability to use a gimped version of Netflix.

So after having neglected my PS3 by having only bought Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4, I'm thinking my console of choice may switch for the next generation.

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Man, Sony's been buggering with me since The PS3 slim. I've been a long time Sony supporter, and I thought Microsoft was good based on results, but even Microsoft and their grand scheme of mass unity are getting to me.

Your question is brand loyalty to winning console? I say neither. I say the one that has your favourite games. What's the point of having a console that doesn't support your game of choice? What's the point of having 3 consoles and a computer if you have to switch between them to cure your restlessness?

I'm a Sony supporter because of their lineage. There's no way in hell I'll ever support Microsoft. I even quit Windows and switched to Linux because of their wretched ways.

Maybe I won't get a PS4, and I'll never have a Microsoft console. I'm thinking of supporting the Ouya. Why not?

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I've enjoyed all of Nintendo's previous systems so I got the Wii U. Never really played my PS3 a lot so I'm still iffy on PS4 as of now. Loved the PS1 and PS2, but the PS3 just never clicked with me as well as the PS1 and PS2 did. I enjoyed my Xbox 360 so I might get an Xbox Infinity.

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.

And both consoles will have exclusive games i want to play.

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I'll buy both, just like I did this generation. The question is which will be my main console.

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There is zero point to brand loyalty, buy the best system.

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@pseg: If you are that much into racing games, why not just play with a racing wheel?

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More than likely sticking with Sony. I prefer their franchises and Dualshock controller as well as their approach to online and subscription services, something I hope they pursue come next generation as well.

I wouldn't say it's blind brand loyalty, but the PS4 announcement meeting really did leave a good impression of whats to come, and that's the way I lean right now. Microsoft is more than welcome to change my mind and blow me away.

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I know this might sound like a strange reason to some, but one of the factors I will be considering is how the new console functions with PS3 Media Server, if at all. I use my PS3 a lot to stream stuff to my TV, so I want to know how the new consoles will handle these non-game related assets.

I may eventually get both systems, but which one I get first will probably be based on a number of elements outside who has the better games. Early on, I don't expect either to have more than one or two standout games, so it's going to come down to other applications. Brand loyalty has nothing to do with anything however, I will say that I don't have an Xbox Live Gold account and I don't plan to get one. I do, have a Playstation Plus account, so that may impact my buying decision later this year/early next. Why Playstation Plus and not XBL Gold? Simple answer; free games.

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@kpaadet said:

@pseg: If you are that much into racing games, why not just play with a racing wheel?

Racing wheels are awkward and expensive to set up in a comfortable manner for any console-TV setup I've ever had. I'd prefer to leave wheels to PC games, where I can have a reasonable desk mount and the sims don't work well with anything less than a wheel.

Many of the 360's racing games handled splendidly with the standard controller, and I can derive the same amount of enjoyment from them without spending hundreds of dollars for specialized wheels, mounts, and seats.

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i always forget about the big 'playstation vs xbox' thing going on with gamers. the sony conference was pathetic, but there are clearly lot of sony fanboys who just eat it all up because theyve been consuming those products since the playstation one, and they want to go 'oh yeah, the xbox isnt going to be this good, THIS is next gen here!'

i swear. if the xbox conference is as horrible as the ps4 one, im switching to PC gaming for good, and hoping the steambox is done right. i dont care about brands, i dont like either of these companies, they both stifle the potential of this medium in comparably idiotic ways.

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The console that I buy first will come down the the specific features and games being offered that appeal most to me. That said, I will end up owning all of them I'm sure as I hate missing out on any games or experiences for too long. Although, I'm not sure about the Wii U at this point, really not sure.

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I will probably buy the PS4 because I really liked what I saw from the press conference, and they have awesome first party studios and IPs. Microsoft's continued push for Kinect and media besides games is a turn-off as well.

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Consoles are weird for me.

I had originally only bought an N64 brand new. I got a NES years after they first came out and only bought a genesis in college because a guy decided to give me his and all his games for practically nothing. At some point I also ended up with an SNES, but it was also pretty old by the time I got it. I didn't buy many games for it, but rented a ton.

Then I lost all of that and went without a console or even a decent gaming PC for years. In early 2003 I was living in a rented room at a friend's house and had very little to do in my free-time to do but drink. A friend talked me into getting a TV and an PS2. I had seen all of the crazy coverage of the PS2 launch and had played a few of the big PSX games on other peoples' systems, but had no idea how good the games library was on the PS2. I got Vice City, Suikoden 3 and MGS2 and was blown away. I was totally sold on the PS2 and never even bothered to look at an XBOX. I was eventually given a used GameCube, which I liked a lot. I got WindWaker and Metroid Prime and RE4 on that, but was never into it like the PS2. I bought a ton of my games used for the PS2, but it's still the biggest library I've ever compiled for a console.

When the current gen was starting up, I watched E3 and was really interested in where Sony was going with the power of the PS3, but the cell processor fiasco, their "luxury car" attitude and high price made me instantly lose faith in SONY. I thought at first that MGS4, Last Guardian and FFXIII would be enough to get me to buy one eventually but FF came out on the 360 and Last Guardian never materialized. I still haven't even touched MGS4. I ended up getting a 360 and a Wii. I bought some of the bigger releases on the Wii, but quickly came to the conclusion that I don't give a fuck about motion controls. The 360 became my PS2 for this generation. I haven't bought as many games for it as I did for the PS2, but I have bought a pretty good number and a lot more new than I have for any other system.

Really, I've come to realize that the best policy for me is to wait at least a year into any console's life and see which one gets the best game library. I'm trying not to get caught up in the hype too much and am willing to give Microsoft a chance to reveal their plans, but I'm starting to think I'm going to end up with a PS4 this time around. If they can put out a decent system that's easy for 3rd party developers to make games for and do some of the stuff they've teased with the cloud gaming for demos and older games, especially for less than $450 I think I might even be willing to get one close to launch.

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.

Agreed. Disposable income is great.

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What constitutes "winning" ? If it means "the one I think I'll enjoy the most", then yes I will buy that one first....

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I will only be buying 1 console because i'm an adult who doesn't have the time to be invested in more than 1 ecosystem.

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I'm not interested in such a concept as a "winning console". I'm going to choose the one that suits best my needs. If all are somewhat unique and interesting I'll buy all.

It seems to be an american thing to always make a competition where only one can win out of everything. I'm only interested in playing games.

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Sony is my favorite publisher and their games are only going to be published on the PS4. When they start making shitty games, I will stop buying Playstation consoles.

#45 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2386 posts) -

I'm gonna own both consoles regardless but if they come out simultaneously then I'll be picking up a PS4 first.

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Neither. I'm going from xbox to PS4 next gen because they've got better exclusives.

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I'm not going to be able to buy a next-gen console for another three years or so, which means I can wait for quite a while and not have to get sucked into any new-release hype or problems. I'll get a PS4 when I finally get a new console, simply because of its exclusives. I've had a 360 and a PS3 this generation, and while the 360 has probably had a lot more great timed exclusives (Mass Effect, pretty much every good downloadable game) the exclusive Playstation developers (Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch) are simply something I can't miss out on.

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I hate to say it but i'm defo getting a PS4 because I love the exclusives and i put hundreds of hours into each killzone game

#49 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

It's a mix. I've never had a bad experience with Sony consoles yet (reliability wise) and that's a big factor, along with games. I won't be buying a console til another year or two after release (I have other things I need to focus on plus tons of PS3 games, as well as just getting a 360 last summer (free)).

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I want to play Watch_Dogs. What console lets me play that as soon as possible?

I also want to play the next Forza Motorsport, so unless the next xbox is known to cause cancer upon prolonged use (or something as crazy) I'll probably get an xbox too.

In short: I go where the games at.