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Poll: New Consoles, Will you pick them on brand loyalty or the winning console? (179 votes)

Brand loyalty. 31%
Winning console. 70%

Since the Ps4 is officially announced, Microsoft will have to announce at minimum something this year. New consoles are officially on the way.

I am now deciding which console will I go for and when. I dont have much money and when I buy one console, that will probably be me.

However since I dont have much money I have found my heart saying "Which ever one "wins" I will buy." Which feels sort of strange, when PS3 and Xbox 360 was set up. I had fallen in love with the xbox 1. So I think I was brand loyal at the time.

What ever my choice, I think I chose right. Since the Ps3 had a ton of problems, I eventually got a ps3 and just using would cause anger in me (E.G Buy a new game, or an old game I havnt played in a year, and 2hrs of updates and installs before I can play, I am told this is fixed now.)

Xbox won between it and PS3 in the grand scheme.

However I find myself becoming annoyed at Microsoft with such things as "Double Dipping" charge for Xbox live....and sell us adverts. Aswell as Game devs finding its hard to work with Microsoft behind the seens. While PS3 is just hard to work with.

If the conference is t be believe this will not be the case this time. This mean I am utterly open to joining Sony once again, as I joined on PS1 (I was brand loyal to Sega at the time, and for some reason got a ps1...wise decision. As Saturn was useless in the UK at the hight point) and PS2 was a wise choice aswell.

What is everyone else?

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Hmm.. I gotta go with loyalty right now.

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I will only be buying 1 console because i'm an adult who doesn't have the time to be invested in more than 1 ecosystem.

Right there with you.

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I will buy both but my main will be Playstation again, I have more invested in PSN, friends, games, trophies, etc. So a form of loyalty through locking me into their ecosystem I guess...

But I will need both, there were great exclusives on both systems last round.

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I will get both. At launch? Maybe, but probably one at launch and one a year or so later.

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I will only buy one because I am a child.

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I'll eventually have both, but the Playstation will be my primary console again. There is a certain degree of brand loyalty here, but it's not blind; I have rarely been disappointed by Sony, so I'm willing to trust them up to a certain point.

There's also a good measure of brand disloyalty involved, though. I can't stand some of Microsoft's practices, and regardless of what they say or demonstrate in the upcoming year, I'm sure there'll be something hidden away in there that once again disappoints me.

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Winning console for sure. Whichever has the best exclusives and features that best suit me will earn my cash this holiday. The 360 was my platform of choice this gen because of party chat and I liked the exclusives better. Sony will obviously be adding party chat but they also need to have exclusive titles that appeal to me.

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I'll pick them on the only thing that matters: GAMES

And hopefully, I'll be able to afford all of them in the future.

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I have to say that with this current gen I was rather disappointed with the xbox 360. I think I went through about 6 of them, 3 of them being bought and the other 3 being shipped because of rrod. My reasons for getting a 360 were simply because the PS3 was just too expensive for me at the time and even though I didn't own an original Xbox, I was slowly transitioning towards the games that Xbox had because of going to friends houses and such. After later on getting a PS3 and seeing the presentation, how well its made, the exclusives and the online services being free, Microsoft is going to have to impress me big time with a cheap price or better service (which I doubt) because I really am tired of xbox exclusives now...

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Brand loyalty, got sick of microsoft so I switched to the PS3, lets say in a few years PS4 is dead, I'll just go PC full time with my Wii U allowing me to play a console game every now and again (I don't have one but someday maybe... if they get it right)

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I will be choosing based on their online service prices mostly. This generation I got a 360 years before I got a ps3, and used Xbox live a lot. Over the last three years, I haven't played a console game online a single time. I finally cancelled my live subscription when they raised the price (it reminded me that I was paying for something I didn't use). I tend to play multiplayer games on PC whenever possible.

While ps4 is looking like the service won't be free, I like what they have shown with the video sharing and what not. I'll wait to see what Microsoft has for me and decide from there.

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I'll just get two jobs so I can get them all.

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Unless something terrible happens to me financially... I'll be buying them all.

If only one, PS4 won't have Forza soooooo.....

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Based on which one has the games I want?

Sums it up well. I'll probably end up getting both, but not for a long time.

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Friends List, Achievements and XBLA purchases(hopefully). But if PS4 has cool exclusives I'll get that down the line as well.

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I'll just buy which one interests me most. Brand loyalty and whichever console is "winning" will not impact my decision.

Anyway, unless at least one of these consoles are completely uninteresting, I plan to have all of the next gen consoles eventually.

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I voted 'Brand Loyalty'. I don't have enough money for multiple next-gen consoles and, In my case, it's not that I'd blindly buy the PS4 despite its faults or cover my eyes/ears concerning the Durango's pros, but I was greatly displeased with Microsoft and the Xbox 360 this generation and pretty happy with the PS3 so my choice is automatically PS4. I'd like to say I'm eagerly anticipating Microsoft's event of the Durango reveal to see if they could change my mind, but my mind's pretty much been set given what I experienced with the last and the present generation that the PS4 would be the wiser choice for me in terms of future investment.

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@marmalade said:

Microsoft hasn't evolved the Xbox Live service in any way that I've found meaningful. They're focus seems to be in turning their console into an entertainment hub with "features" such as Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix. This is all redundant for me personally as my consoles and pc are hooked up to the same television, so even if I wanted to use social media I certainly wouldn't pay a monthly fee for the privilege to do so when I could just change the channel and do it for free.

Playstation Plus' service sounds good as their focus for their video game console is actually video games. I hate to sound like a shill, but the console that's offering me discounts and free* games sounds better than the one that's telling me to pay them for the ability to use a gimped version of Netflix.

I'm thinking my console of choice may switch for the next generation.

This is basically how I feel.

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I'm very undecided.

And what's with polls now-a-days?? What if "feature set" is a bigger factor in my decision than "which console won" Come on, give us some damn credit here. Shit, XBL pissing me off with adds is a bigger factor than who made more money this gen.

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I'll pick up whichever one has better games in 2 or 3 years, slight Sony bias but not if they start charging for online.

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The Xbox 360 hardly won, the PS3 will take over the 360 within the next year or two. (sales are like 74m - 360, 72m - PS3 worldwide atm)

and from a software perspective, the 360 can't touch the PS3. (exclusives on the 360 are basically, Halo, Gears, Forza, that's it)

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Just about absolutely completely neither of those two 'options'. That's not how anyone should choose anything ever.


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I'll go with whatever sounds better. Until Microsoft shows off what it has, I'll stay neutral.

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I'll use rationale to decide.

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I buy the one with good games

I want to play Watch_Dogs. What console lets me play that as soon as possible?


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Im going to end up getting both of them but i will buy the PS4 first.

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i think both are stupid reasons.

i don't get brand loyalty. surely loyalty is a 2 way thing and how has any company been loyal to me. they make stuff and i buy it, our 'relationship' ends there as far as im concerned.

and i don't really care which console is selling the most.

only one thing will make me buy a console and that is GAMES.

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Multiplayer takes up less and less of my gaming time and Sony has been giving many more exclusives of genres I enjoy over the past few years so that's where I'm going first regardless of who's "winning." Of course my loyalty is only lasting as long as I like the product I'm being offered.

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I've already got a Wii U, which I really like so far. I may pick up a PS4 eventually though but for now the Wii U / PS3 / PC combo I've got is excellent.

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.

Why that isn't a choice is beyond me.

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I don't really give a shit about all that, I want to own all consoles and play all awesome games. The 360 was the system I spent the most time using this gen, but I have been glad to own a Wii and PS3 as well.

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Buying anything on brand loyalty is alien to me.

Companies gain a measure of goodwill by supplying me with decent products, but by the time the next line comes out I'll always put my money where the better tech is.

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Microsoft is really going to have to impress me to get me to buy their hardware. I'm on my 11th replacement 360, so you could say I don't trust their hardware at all whatsoever. Xbox #12 sounds like it's ready to go soon too. Remember that part at the end Mass Effect 3 where the sound cuts out and goes low-fi and the game plays in choppy slo-motion? No? Just me then?

I bought both (all 3?) systems this gen, and I either favoured one or the other in that time. For the last 3 years, I've favoured the PS3, but it hasn't always been that way. I could say I've abandoned my 360 because I think paying $60 a year for internet access is a waste, or that I don't like the way ads have been implemented on the dashboard in a way that hides my games, and all this is true, but really, I'm on my twelfth XBox. It's out of warrantee, and I refuse to pay for more hardware from that company. Opposite of brand loyalty.

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I switched to PC when the consoles started to lag behind and I haven't seen anything yet that makes me think I'll get a next-gen console. Maybe I'll get one a few years down the line but only if there's a good list of exclusives I feel I'm missing out on.

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If possible, I will buy both. If not, Whatever company ends up having exclusive deals with Bethesda and Rockstar gets my money.

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I will buy which ever one has the games I most want on it first, then I will get the other eventually, also.

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I've been playing on a 360 this gen, but I'm not dedicated to MS. I liked what I saw at the PS4 reveal. If it ends up being Sony launching the more dedicated gaming console to Microsoft's multimedia hub I could switch. Also haven't ruled out going PC, at least for a while. It comes down a bit to economics and what the launch windows are going to look like. Still, it would be a bit more painful than when I switched from GameCube last gen to 360 current gen - I'd miss the community I built through Live. Hell, I'd probably even miss the achievements.

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@jgf said:

I'm not interested in such a concept as a "winning console". I'm going to choose the one that suits best my needs. If all are somewhat unique and interesting I'll buy all.

I feel the same. I also happen to be an American.

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I just wish they made it so that you could connect both consoles to make one SUPER console that played extremely rare PS4/XBOX hybrids.

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@video_game_king said:

Based on which one has the games I want

this has been and will continue to be the only good way to pick consoles

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@ekami said:

I will buy both because I am an adult.

You can only get 2 consoles if you are an adult? Shit, do they like check your i.d. at check out? Is the a new ESRB thing?

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Brand loyalty is stupid. I'll pick based of console features, initial price, and launch lineup/future prospects. That decision isn't nearly cut in stone yet.

#95 Posted by fiberpay (284 posts) -

Since Sony still didn't give me proper triggers, I will probably(unless they royal screw it up) be getting the Nextbox first, with a PS4 at price drop. Unless Beyond: Two Souls is amazing, because Heavy Rain made me buy a PS3.

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Basically most console games I take an interest in are either multi-platform or PS exclusive (excluding Nintendo). Fez is the only Xbox exclusive from last gen that I really wanted to play, and Dust an Elysian Tail to a lesser extent. I think this'll continue to be true and possibly even more so since I feel Sony has been doing a pretty good job attracting indie devs recently.

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I'll buy both, unless one or both decide that paying for online gaming is still ok.

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I loved my NES, thought about Genesis, got a SNES. Loyalty payed off.

I loved my SNES, got an N64. Eventually got a Playstation later and enjoyed it more. Loyalty failed.

Loved my PS1, got a PS2. Loyalty payed off.

Loved my PS2, got a PS3. Eventually got a 360 and enjoyed it more. Loyalty failed.

I suppose this time I should stick with Microsoft? If its cyclical. But I really like what I hear about PS4, and Sony has better exclusives.

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I'll probably get both eventually but unless Microsoft does something crazy I'll almost certainly buy the PS4 first. I use my PS3 almost every day but I haven't played a game on my 360 in about 6-8 months so it's hard to be excited about the next XBOX. The main reason is exclusives. When it comes to exclusives I'm just way more interested in what Sony is doing where on the other hand I find Halo and Gears to be pretty boring.

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Neither. I buy a console if it has enough games I want to play. I bought a 360 for fable/indy titles and a PS3 for Heavy Rain. That having said I still have PS+ and haven't resubbed for xbox gold for over 2 years. So for the moment a PS4 purchase will be likely. Xbox720 probably as well, O really really hope they just add voice control for non-english countries. Just throw in a big *you're not a native speaker so this might not work* warning in there.