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Higher resolution on top.

Caps from IGN stream below.

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Looks like they're repurposing environments from the first two games with a few tweaks.

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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck



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Yo, that guy at the end is running forward by shooting his fire backwards. New gameplay feature?

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From those screenshots the game looks like it's combining the best of Demon's and Dark Souls into one game and holyshitguysi'msofuckingsold

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Goddamn I can't fucking wait for this game!

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give me this gaaamaameeee

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2015 is not close enough, goddammit! WHY DO THIS TO US?! WHY TORTURE US SO?!

Oh wait...it's From Software...

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Hot dayum. If there's one thing that I've especially enjoyed about both Souls games, it's the breathtaking art design and the incredibly intoxicating style of atmosphere. Dark Souls 2 naturally looks like it's carrying on the trend.

I really wish I played more Dark Souls, though. While I got up to like NG++++ or whatever in Demon's Souls, there was something so weirdly overwhelming about Dark Souls that I've only ever completed it once. I think it was because of the added knowledge of how much there is to these games, whereas I was so blissfully ignorant during the hundreds of hours I invested into Demon's Souls. I never even knew about the world tendency stuff despite playing all that I did and read up about it a while after I was 'done' with the game.

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i had an accident

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Looks rad! YAY!

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Any non IGN youtube links out there? If anything I'll just wait for tonight.

Just going by the screens it looks like Dark Souls 1.5. Definitely doesn't look like the trailer, the way they were making it out to be. Not that I believed that, but I expect better from these guys.

Oh looky I found one.


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Omg, dude just got battle axe to the face and died! 5:39 This game going to get awesome.

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Looks hawt. The button prompt popups are really bugging me though. Hope there's an option to disable those.

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Looks pretty. That dragon castle with the wyverns flying around was gorgeous. Also I don't remember the last two game having such smooth cloth physics.

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@theht said:

Also I don't remember the last two game having such smooth cloth physics.

Probably because they didn't have any!

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Oh god dammit I shouldn't have watched that video, now the wait is gonna be unbearable, its like more Dark Souls except it looks so much better graphically.