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#1 Edited by snide (2413 posts) -

Hey guys, we're testing out a new footer across all our Whiskey sites to share the love a bit. While I'm sure some will love it, others I'm sure will not care much for its size. Don't worry, we're not forcing this on you, so simply click the "slim footer?" link at the bottom of the page which saves a cookie session and hides the promo bits. 
Whiskey Media, not pissing off the Internet since 2007. 
UPDATE: Fixing a bug where the slim footer does not save for all pages. Should have that fixed soon.

#2 Posted by Burns098356GX (1366 posts) -

I like it at the bottom, its there and I notice it, but its not intrusive.

#3 Edited by TheBeast (1931 posts) -

I quite like it - nice way to promote the best 4 sites on the internet without being too obnoxious about it. 
Nice to see it's in the footer rather than in some overly offensive place at the top of the page (I'm looking at you Gawker Media...), not to mention Whiskey's awesome position on giving people the choice when it comes to this stuff.

#4 Posted by StrikeALight (1114 posts) -

Looks neat.

#5 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3683 posts) -

I like it. Nice and colorful, Also did not know it existed tell i read and scrolled down. so its not very intrusive good job.

#6 Posted by MildMolasses (3225 posts) -

Definitly appreciate the link to hide it. Good work.
#7 Posted by Damien (1384 posts) -

Yeh, I recently came across it and it seems fine.  The headlines are a good touch if they update regularly.

#8 Posted by wwfundertaker (1404 posts) -

I like it.

#9 Posted by alternate (2717 posts) -

Not too fussed as it is at the bottom and I was missing the site links you used to have.
Maybe a half way house?  Have an option to get rid of the big image and you maybe just have the site logos?
Or am I just being awkward?  Either way I love the design idea you guys seem to maintain of changing things but giving the option to opt-out.  Rather than usual change and tough luck.

#10 Posted by goodwood (600 posts) -

ya i like it, if its at the bottom then its not getting in the way and people cant really complain. Im just happy you guys dont use those giant flashing ads like IGN which are the worst.

#11 Posted by NukeSpoon (530 posts) -

Never heard of Tested before...
Like other dudes, didn't see it until I scrolled down to the bottom. Nice and unobtrusive. Good job!

#12 Posted by AndrewB (7669 posts) -
@snide said:
" Hey guys, we're testing out a new footer across all our Whiskey sites to share the love a bit. While I'm sure some will love it, others I'm sure will not care much for its size. Don't worry, we're not forcing this on you, so simply click the "slim footer?" link at the bottom of the page which saves a cookie session and hides the promo bits.  Whiskey Media, not pissing off the Internet since 2007. "
You guys don't have to be so defensive about the layout of your site. Build it the way you want. I know the idea is to build it the way your audience wants it, but no matter what you do, there will be a small number of people who hate it. If they have legitimate feedback, that's all well and good, but often they don't, and you can't let a few peoples opinions get to you.
#13 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

It's nice, but I hate that I have to switch to slim on every single page. If it's going to be a per-page preference, we should have to opt into the enormous view, not opt out of it.

#14 Posted by ProfessorEss (7451 posts) -

It's slick, wish you guys didn't remove those links tho.

#15 Posted by mattjam3000 (444 posts) -

Its all good apart from any anime picture makes me want to kill myself

#16 Posted by Scooper (7881 posts) -

I like it. It's in the footer so it's not in the way of the main page or forums unless you scroll down purposely to see it. It tells me what's going on with the other sites and like I said on your wall I'm listening to the latest podcast from Tested because I saw it on the footer so good job on that :).

#17 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -

In-house advertising is always a great idea and having the option to reduce the banner size is also welcome. Nice work.

#18 Posted by Subject2Change (2966 posts) -

No complaints here; Destructoid does a similar thing with its sites.
Tested is something I heard discussed on the Bombcast and it's something i'll be checking out regularly.

#19 Posted by Dirty_Harry (717 posts) -

No problem at all!

#20 Posted by JJOR64 (19023 posts) -

Looks awesome!  It helps spread the word of Anime Vice.     :P

#21 Posted by AndrewB (7669 posts) -

There is definitely a bug in switching it on/off in Firefox 3.6 where it will continuously stay closed or stay open despite hitting the button, and not remember the setting upon refresh.

#22 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Yea, it looks WAY too big. All you really need are the names of each site.

#23 Posted by Xeiphyer (5606 posts) -

Somehow, I don't hate it at all. 
Really great setup, and I have been wondering why you guys didn't implement this yet. I guess you wanted to wait for Tested so it can fill out the page properly. ISEE.

#24 Posted by Symphony (1912 posts) -

Noticed this a lil earlier and thought it was cool. Already took a link through it (Yay for Black Lagoon "Season" 3 :D)
One bug I've noticed.... if you click "Slim footer?" and then "Give me another swing" and then try to slim it again it starts to slim then goes back to its full size. (Firefox 3.6).

#25 Posted by graf1k (425 posts) -

I'm diggin' it. I had no idea "you guys" had a tech site. Comics and Anime aren't my thing but tech is right  up my alley.

#26 Edited by Willy105 (4690 posts) -

It's great!
@Video_Game_King said:

" Yea, it looks WAY too big. All you really need are the names of each site. "

No it doesn't. And what's good a name when you don't even know what's new?
#27 Posted by AgentJ (8778 posts) -

Its fantastic! I just wish you would have done this sooner. I imagine each page will be getting a lot more traffic now. Thanks!

#28 Posted by MattyFTM (14417 posts) -

Awesome. I love it. I'm not particularly into comics or anime, so I rarely visit Comic Vine or Anime Vice, but sometimes they do have some awesome content that is relevant to me. This is a great way for me to see what's going on on those sites easily.

#29 Posted by natetodamax (19212 posts) -
@snide said: 
Whiskey Media, not pissing off the Internet since 2007.   
This is so true. You guys are the best.
#30 Posted by Branthog (5583 posts) -

No worries. That's what they invented Greasemonkey for, anyway. :)

#31 Posted by Wright (637 posts) -

Wow, I just noticed it lol. Seems like a good idea.

#32 Posted by onimonkii (2449 posts) -

are you guys considering some kind of universal login/profile across all whiskey sites?
would be pretty nice, and certainly i'd be more interested in using those sites more with something like that in place.
like i don't really watch a lot of anime, but i'd throw a "fuck yeah black lagoon season 3" down in the comments of that article if i didn't have to sign up for a new account there just to do that.

#33 Edited by skrutop (3615 posts) -

Dave, the pictures cause a problem on the guides.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page, the image on the right sits on top of the table of contents for the guide (since the TOC scrolls with the page). (Firefox 3.6, Windows XP)

#34 Posted by Evilsbane (4649 posts) -

This footer has my seal of approval, it is functional but unobtrusive.

#35 Posted by c_rakestraw (853 posts) -

Looks good. Nice job as always, guys.

#36 Posted by Bunnyman (213 posts) -

Yup, seems useful. I enjoy all the whiskey sites so this should be great for me. 
One thing: I would have preferred if a left click on for example the CV logo had opened that site in a new tab. Would suit my browsing habits better.

#37 Edited by Vager (1654 posts) -

I do like the premise, but ya it's a bit too big for my tastes.  

I'd like it if it was default off and you can press the Whiskey image for it to pop up when you want to scan whats happening on the other sites. 
When you go to the another page it'll revert to the small footer again. 
Basically keep it off, but make link opening it noticeable so that you can open the footer to quickly find info on other whiskey sites.
#38 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -

Very cool, I like it. Easy way to access all of the other websites.

#39 Posted by Meteora (5787 posts) -

Totally dig it. Its visible but its hidden enough that it doesn't bother me.

#40 Posted by Soap (3613 posts) -

at first glance I thought it was a little big, but it's grown on me very quickly. The fact that you gave people the option to hide it as well is very awesome. Nice work :D

#41 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

I'll slim it. It's just easier to see the page navigation at a glance when I quickly scroll down. 
Plus the less anime I see, the happier I am.

#42 Posted by Trilogy (2675 posts) -

Looks fine to me.

#43 Posted by Apathylad (3067 posts) -

Cool. It's also nice to see Giantbomb on the foot of all the other sites. :P

#44 Posted by raidingkvatch (1157 posts) -

I actually think that looks really cool there on the bottom and it'll remind me to check out the other Whiskey Media sites which I tend to neglect a little bit because Giant Bomb is so awesome

#45 Posted by Red12b (9084 posts) -

I love the fact you say give me another swig when you turn it back, awesome.  

Whiskey Media, not pissing off the Internet since 2007.     

#46 Edited by Dethfish (3686 posts) -

It looks really good.
Edit: I made it slim just to see how it would look but now I have to click "give me another swig" every time I load a new page.

#47 Posted by StaticFalconar (4849 posts) -

If there is one kind of advertising i don't mind its in house advertising. 

#48 Posted by PNut_Buttr_Panda (486 posts) -

i dont like the large size of the new one. thanks for making a slim option for it!

#49 Posted by ajamafalous (12040 posts) -

Noticed it early, very unintrusive.
Any chance that there'll be an option to see the newest things posted on each site without the pictures being there?

#50 Posted by jakob187 (21691 posts) -

I like it, but the button for "forums" is now gone...which sucks when I'm down here at the bottom of a thread, comment, hit "Post Reply"...and then have to scroll back to the top of the page in order to go to the forums.  =  / 
But the footer is sweet.  I've used it a couple times already today.  hehehe