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My name is Ayush and I am from Zatun, a video game development company in India.

We have developed a 2D action adventure arcade game for PC titled – “ The Legend of Vraz ". This game was created using the Microsoft XNA framework and features an enthralling gameplay of 6-8 hours set in exotic locales.

We have our in-game videos and screenshots online at: http://zatungames.com/

Game Features:

  • A fun, fascinating and a forgiving gameplay encouraging the player while testing the player’s skills providing for a unique player experience.
  • An incredible soundtrack immersing the player completely in the game.
  • Stylized and appealing characters and 14 different enemies each with their distinct personality and AI (Artificial – Intelligence).
  • Exquisite hand painted stunning 2D Art assets and backgrounds in Indian Miniature Painting style.
  • 15 stages with 4 distinct locations and each location providing a feeling of fantasy of being in an exotic land.
  • 5 different upgradable arrows and the ability to control the prince both with mouse and keyboard or mouse only or keyboard only depending upon the user preferences.

Game Story:

Vraz, the prince is in love with princess Avi and to win her hand in marriage agrees to the 5 tasks set by Avi’s father - Baapji, The Maharaja of Kund.

 The 5 tasks are:

 Earn 100,000 coins or equivalent gold for the wedding on your own.
  • Bring a the biggest and the brightest red rose
  • Bring a diamond studded heart
  • Bring the traditional sword
  • Bring a traditional horse

However, the Vizier of Kund has other plans. He is in love with Avi and realizes that if he can marry Avi, he will be the future king of Kund and may be one day of the entire region.

Meanwhile, Vraz unaware of Vizier’s plan agrees to Baapji’s condition and the game begins…

Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to your comments.






Game Videos:

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i think this is considered advertising ... 
but Woah goodlooking stuff u got there :)