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Poll: New Generation's Equivalent of Kinect/Move? (13 votes)

Full Room Projection 15%
Visor 0%
VR Headset 38%
Other 46%

At some point into the upcoming new generation of consoles, there will inevitably be another push for innovation akin to what Kinect and Move were this time around. Let's call it *Phase 3*, when Microsoft and Sony will try and renew the interest in their hardware by other means than just games. There have been plenty of rumors what these innovations might be, from full room projection to visors to VR headsets - what do you think will it be?


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Personally, I think gamedevelopers want to finally pursue virtual reality; and I as a customer am filled with glee thinking of the prospect of getting a cinema-like 3D viewing experience for 200-300$. VR-googles (I think the term needs a rebrand, it's kinda grungy) are the future, both for videogames and home cinema. The speed at which miniature screen technology progresses should afford us spectacular results by the time such a thing will come to market.

Albeit the whole GoogleGlass visor concept might have much more mass market appeal. Who knows? I sure hope for kickass VR-googles.

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I think the next gen versions of the Kinect and Move are gonna be.....

The actual next gen Kinect and Move...

I think their gonna keep pushing these two and not try anything else for a while.

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Virtual Reality does seem like the next big step. Next thing you know everybody will become drones, and Rift into other peoples realities as a social network.

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