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Wooow, the redesign is.... :O

It's beautiful, looks so clean, professional and polished, it looks like a desktop application. Looks awesome on a 24" 1920x1200

Great job GB / WM!!

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Agreed, the redisgn is looking fantastic!
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It's looking great, since I don't live in the US the live stream countdown is a very appreciated feature.

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i usually hate change, automatically 

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Oh god, I'm freaking out, man... what is this strange new look? 
It'll take some adjustment, but I like it so far. Good job!

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I love it.

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Looks great, it's actually tempted me to convert to white as well, as it looks amazing in white!

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Is this the proper HTML5 site Dave talked about?

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Love the new design. Great job top men. 

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I think this is pretty awesome, though some of the font stuff is pretty weird. 
I've been looking forward to this redesign ever since Alexis started teasing it on Twitter about a month and a half ago.

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I'm loving it!!!!
It look really nice...

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Definitely agree. It looks slick as anything, proud to call it my home page.

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I love it.

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I like it! 

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How do I get it in white????

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Is the "latest tweets/updates" and blogs from ppl you follow gone?  I liked those.

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Is it going slow for anyone else?  It looks cool but it's chugging for me.

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Really like it a lot.  Wasn't this new font rolled out temporarily a few weeks ago or something?

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I'm liking it.

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@Soap said:
Looks great, it's actually tempted me to convert to white as well, as it looks amazing in white!
Where is that again? I'm curious.
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I can read the dark writing... whoah.

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It's lovely. Good job guys!

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S'alright. Long as I get that sweet Giant Bomb content I could care less how the homepage is laid out.

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Looks pretty good (white version), minor niggles though: 
- I don't like the loss of the Latest Updates section. I used it to keep track of the staff and only a select few users. If one person makes, for example, a lot of twitter posts, I'll miss out on blog or other status updates from other people too. 
- I seem to be getting people who I'm not following in the Friends' Stream section. 
- The three-star icon is showing up in a completely different style than all the others.

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Shit looks crisp!

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I like it a lot, but two things bother me: 
1) The new font for text body. It's harder to read. Definitely not an improvement. Font smoothing only looks good until you actually want to read the text.
2) It could be a little tighter vertically. Like there's a little too much space between the live show and the little arrows that control the pages of highlight boxes.

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@WatanabeKazuma said:
@Soap said:
Looks great, it's actually tempted me to convert to white as well, as it looks amazing in white!
Where is that again? I'm curious.
Hover over your name on the top right and it's in the bottom of the box that appears :)
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Looks great once I decrease the font size by a notch.

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Text is WAY too big. Switching two grid view helps some. But even though the design is fine: 100% unnecessary.  

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@Soap said:
@WatanabeKazuma said:
@Soap said:
Looks great, it's actually tempted me to convert to white as well, as it looks amazing in white!
Where is that again? I'm curious.
Hover over your name on the top right and it's in the bottom of the box that appears :)
...You just passed the test. 
 Thanks, looks nice.
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Wow! I thought the previous version was good. THIS is even better! Great job, GB coder duders!

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White skin is nice, looks really good. Took me a while to figure out how to set that (hover over name and then select the white background). On the darker one, I think the issue with the type is that there is a little too much contrast. If the type was a little darker it won't "vibrate" as much.
Also, in the forums the "level" text and the user names in grey probably need to be a little darker as they are hard to read.

#33 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

White version is hot now.

#34 Posted by BrockSampson (317 posts) -

Looks fantastic. I love the floaty but neat look./

#35 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

My god, it's so good!

#36 Posted by BombaLuigi (193 posts) -

theres way to much empty, grey space... the "holes" between the top video and the news are way to big imho...

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@KaosAngel said:
Is this the proper HTML5 site Dave talked about?
Not quite. The homepage is still written in XHTML. But really, they're already using plenty of fancy CSS3 and Javascript effects, most of the new HTML5 features aren't going to add much I don't think.
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Just noticed the video player is different, cool.

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It looks absolutely fantastic. Giantbomb has only gotten a better design since forever.

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Generally very very positive, I wont call out all the features individually, it works. Good job.
The one thing that really jumps out as not working for me is the white rectangles when you mouse over the quick looks etc on the front page.  They are kind of stark and have an unformatted look that almost suggests you are seeing past the front page into bare forms (plus it seems that some longer titles push the comment icon off the bottom). 

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I really don't like it. Way too much blank space and everything feels like it's just floating there. I need some grids or lines or something dammit!  
It wouldn't be as bad if the video player was larger...

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pretty good looking, are all whiskey sites gonna look like this?

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Looks great. But I'll still miss the old one.

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Redesign looks sleek. Not a fan of scrolling vs. size but I like the design!

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Love it! Definitely one of the slickest website redesigns I've seen in awhile. A couple of kinks, but that's to be expected.
The loss of status and blog updates is a bit sad, but it looks like you still have them on your profile page, so not too bad. The "Friend's Stream" seems to be drawing from general site activity, unfortunately, but I'm fine with most of everything else.

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No more Tweets from the GB crew?

#47 Posted by Zabant (1337 posts) -

Loving it. Just miss the status update bar as I don't care about featured games and would much rather know about what the people i follow are doing. But I know it isn't tailored just for me so i can deal with it.

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So neat to have a video playing on the homepage.

#49 Posted by ThePickle (4272 posts) -

We need to get rid of the video up and front. Totally stupid to occupy so much space with one video. 

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Thank you for not pulling a Gawker!!!