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@Enigma777 said:

Oh, and the website seems to be too wide for the iPad so the top bars sorta stack upon each other and throw everything off alignment. It is not pretty... The white theme also gives me a grey box in the middle of the latest stories.

You have a weird extension installed. Prolly something that replaces Flash video with HTML video. That's why this is happening to you.

No, I'm pretty sure this is the vanilla Safari browser. At least I haven't installed anything to it. I'm not even sure you can...

You're probably right that it's HTML since the iPad doesn't support flash, but the site worked almost flawlessly on it before (aside from some comment/text input box issues) and now it's acting pretty weird. The stacking even happens on reviews/articles.
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This is amazing!

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This looks real slick! Good job Alexis, Dave and anyone else involved!

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For some reason, my browser is not lining up the headers properly. I don't have adblock or anything like that installed as an extension...  Hmm
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Great work sirs.

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It's too good! Take it down a notch!

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@Enigma777: We'll look into it and make sure iPad stuff still works.

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Fantastic work—very spesh!

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New design is sleek as fuck. I love it. I even switched over to white, which  I used to hate. 

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Beautiful. Just beautiful. 
However, is mousing over the the featured articles/videos under the Dirt 3 quicklook meant to turn them into white blocks with black text? Doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the redesign in terms of style. 
Also, the text for Motorstorm and Bioshock Infinite doesn't entirely fit in those boxes and gets cut off so I can't see the comment icon.

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I never thought I'd switch to white, but the white scheme looks amazing.  Nice job, guys!

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That's one snazzy lookin site, now. Mad props for all the hard work.

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The list of items on "Coming up on Giant Bomb" seems to have been assembled with reckless abandon. From top to bottom, the table lists content being posted on the 27th, 25th, and then 26th. 
Also, when I mouse over forum threads in the activity feed, the user's avatar disappears (Chrome 11).

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How do I get the white design? There used to be a little switch button.

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Digging this! 
1.) Love the upcoming events on the front page, hopefully it will stop the "when is (Add event here)" threads
2.)Miss the tweets though, Jeff and Ryan usually do streams outside of GB.

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@snide said:

@Enigma777: We'll look into it and make sure iPad stuff still works.

Great. Thanks for all the hard work!
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I'm not liking the new design too much, I much preferred the previous one.

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Really not sure about the 'Streaming/Progessive' and quality settings design on the videos. Stands out a bit too much - sort of preferred the old buttons. The new metallic ones look like they're pasted on top of the video player, not a part of it.

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@PhilDanger said:

The fonts are completely messed up for me in Firefox and they are barely readable in Chrome. How do I fix this?

You have to get to the marker!

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Awesome just wish there was a smaller text scale option. Not a big deal.

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sexy new video player, sexy new font, sexy new homepage, but still, it's change, so I'll hate for a week before I can't live without. it looks sexy. did i mention sexy?

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Looks fantastic! And that's coming from someone who really hates change.
My one gripe is the disappearance of status updates and a blog feed. I get that the friend feed replaces them, and perhaps I can't make this call since the thing isn't fully working properly yet, but it seems like it would be real easy to miss updates/blogs. To me, those are the second most important things on the site. Settings to choose what displays so I can cut out forum jabber/image uploads and slow down the feed would fix this.  
I also really like the videos right on the main page, but it'd be nice if I could get rid of it when I don't need it. Collapse it down into a little ticker that shows what is brand new so I'm aware of it, then expand it when I want to watch something! I dunno, that may be impossible, but you guys seem to work some kind of magic. 
Ed: Looking back in this thread I see that the blog feed is still in the works, but status updates? Either way, settings for the friend feed would still be appreciated.

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Keep the old Streaming/Progressive and Low/High/HD buttons. 
The new grey buttons are harder to read and clash with the color scheme of the video window.

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I have to zoom back on Chrome which makes everything OVER 9000x BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Loving the new look! 

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The footer is freaking out on me.

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I'm not sure if I should mention this here but, if you go on to another WM site and click on the links on the bottom for GiantBomb, it just reloads the page.
This is not a problem for any other sites. I'm on FF4.

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@ThePhantomnaut said:

I have to zoom back on Chrome which makes everything OVER 9000x BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starting to do the same in Firefox.  Full size is starting to hurt my eyes.  Honestly, I could deal with some of the white space if the font just wasn't so big.
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I like it.

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Definitely <3 it!
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Smooth as eggs.

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New frontpage is awesome!!!

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I admit, i was worried.  I was thinkin you guys might go all Kotaku over here.  But it looks great!  Fantastic job guys!

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@Sweep said:

@PhilDanger said:

The fonts are completely messed up for me in Firefox and they are barely readable in Chrome. How do I fix this?

You have to get to the marker!

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-I find the top bar cluttered.  I'd like to see 
- I think embedding the player on the front page is a misstep. You're giving up way too much real estate. The "playing next" field is completely redundant and does not belong anywhere near the front page. The "Coming Up On Giant Bomb" field is equally asinine, in that it only highlights the dearth of live content. I would scrap the player, move the marquee carousel up, add a bit more text to the thumbs (date of publication is a start) and restrict the marquee to original video content only.
     -> that said, there is a need for "Coming Up On Giantbomb". The schedules for live content are telegraphed very poorly right now, and it's a bother trying to find that stuff when you've missed it. 
     ->similarly, there is a need for a more robust "playing next" function. Maybe daily playlists of OC? Weekly playlists of QLs? A "playing next" finder that seeks out OC that your user account hasn't viewed yet, subject to user filters?
-"Featured Games" is looking a lot better. I like the itemized list of all the site-related content associated with the game. However,  I would not "feature" a game that didn't have GB-produced original multimedia content. 
    -> I like the itemized list so much that I would like to see it applied universally. Any content related to a particular game should feature that game's little list prominently, in a separate visual tier. The "New Games" (or "Current Games") thumb roll should be augmented with the sweet little lists, too.
-Keep trailers and promo material off the front page, unless it's buttressed with analysis or pre/post trailer audiovisual commentary.  
-I like the principle of the community highlight stuff, but a lot of that material is old. 
-Getting rid of the staff feeds is a mistake. Giant Bomb  is personality driven. 
    -> that said, if you bring back staff feeds, they should be aggressively pared down. I don't care if Ethan took the biggest dump of his life or Matt Bodega stubbed his toe. Make them specific to the particular site's staff.
You guys are having some problems coming up with a universal syntax for the site. Why does the Bioshock Infinite marquee have a "Dig Deeper" field with four separate options, while the Quick Look: Dirt 3 marquee doesn't?

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Gotta say the new homepage is looking really sleek and sexy.  Having the featured games on the side bar showing rating and links to quick looks and trailers is something I really like and find very useful.
Great job Whiskey Media.

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@Sweep said:

@PhilDanger said:

The fonts are completely messed up for me in Firefox and they are barely readable in Chrome. How do I fix this?

You have to get to the marker!

Yeah, for real. What the hell is going on there? 
I'm really liking this redesign. Will take some getting used to but that's expected. Great job Whiskey Media designers and engineers!
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I'd appreciate non-American dates, I can't deal with this month-first nonsense.

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Awesome job duders. Glad to see a slick redesign that doesn't mess with the way I used to navigate the site, like other places always seem to do. This seems to only help streamline info. 
It's also fantastic seeing a (tentative?) schedule for quicklooks and stuff on the side bar. Though I don't know how that'll affect the "first" quest.
EDIT: Only suggestions:
Why not show the times of videos before you hit play? It's a minor inconvenience, but it'll help plan out the order you watch videos in or if you have enough time for a Quicklook, all in a glance. 
Why not show all four other Whiskey sites at the bottom?

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The new homepage is great! Great job Top Men! 
The only problem I have is that the text on the front page looks a bit big.

#243 Posted by Paliv (142 posts) -

Fantastic job on the redesign.  Now lets see gamespot and IGN bite that shit!

#244 Edited by Donos (1197 posts) -

This redesign feels a bit clumsy to me. There's a bunch of space between everything now, so i can't just load up the main page and take a quick glance at what's going on. I'd zoom out to condense everything into more useful form, but with the mix of small and large text some things end up illegible.
TLDR: Empty space is bad, and now there's more empty space.

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Damn, I like the homepage. How long until this makes it's way to the other sites?

#246 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2591 posts) -

Loving the new design - especially the Coming Soon part. Epic. Cant say enough about that.

#247 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2690 posts) -

I really really like the new Design, I also like how it shows when videos are going up, no more wondering if something's going up today or not. 
#248 Posted by HadesTimes (827 posts) -

My GOD!! The site looks INCREDIBLE!

#249 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

i like the look of it, but how do i see the people im following? i liked when i could see the little box with their latest blogs and such, but i dont see that no more :(

#250 Posted by VirtuaXav (451 posts) -

The homepage looks really good. 
Just one thing about the "Coming Up on Giant Bomb" section. It's a really good idea, but it'd be good if they were in chronological order. 
Also, I'm not sure if this is possible, but could the events in that section show up with corresponding times/dates for your local time zone? I'm not sure if there's a way to do that, but it'd be awesome if it were possible. If anyone can do it, Whiskey Media's top men can!