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Hi folks.

I've become a huge fan of the guys since I started listening to the Bombcast about six months ago. I enjoy the humor, and I find the discussion more insightful than most other gaming podcasts I've listened to. Some of the premium content looked interesting, so I signed up last night.

So where do I begin? Where can I find a comprehensive description of the different vidcasts and podcasts before I begin clicking around randomly?

And is there anything else I should know as a new member?

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Take a look through the premium videos section. The Jar Time videos from Jeff are always great.

Also, look up the Dead Island, Fortune Street, and Cards Against Humanity TNTs.

The all day SNES stream was pretty great too but I don't remember if that's premium or not.

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Have you watched the P4 and DP Endurance Runs?

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I always point to my profile for some intro videos.

But as far as useful information, the TANG series got me into the site, the link by ArbitraryWater is essential, the Premium podcasts became something a few months ago (and are all worth listening to). Bombin' the AM has become something special with Alex and Patrick at the helm.

Then there's the critically acclaimed Breaking Brad series.

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Welcome to this website, about video games!

Be sure to watch the Noby Noby Boy Quick Look if you haven't already. Also check out people's lists on their profiles for their fav content; it's a great way to overcome the GB back-catalogue (unless you're watching and reading everything like some kind of North Korean sleeper agent).

A lot of my favourite content isn't premium, although I'd recommend all the Unprofessional Fridays. If that's not enough, try the Roller Coaster Rampage and Aerofly FS Quick Looks. If you have a LOT of free time, you may wish to begin the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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After watching this video, my love for Giant Bomb, dubstep, airplanes (and shit), headshots and bikini girls has increased exponentially.

Thanks for the tips. I'll start there and dig around some more. I'm really interested in audio stuff to download to my phone for my commute as well.

One last question: What's the name of the vidcast that features Jeff sitting in a room speaking his mind into a screen?