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Hi GB! New member here and I wanted to introduce myself. Been a gamer for as long as I can remember, although I'm starting to become very cynical towards the current state of the industry. I still fire up my old 3DO, TurboDuo, and my NES and play the games I know hold up even without the graphical horsepower, as well as play 360 and ps3 games whenever time allows. Although I have my complaints about these systems, I do enjoy them. I check this site fairly often and I thought it's high time I became a member and started chiming in! Anyways, hello everyone!

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Welcome, Duder.

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@camp7203 said:

I'm starting to become very cynical towards the current state of the industry. I still fire up my old 3DO

There's a connection to be made there, but I can't tease it out.

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lol I think 3DO had 3 games that were playable, not counting DEX haha. Return Fire, Road Rash, and Wing Commander.

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Your avatar is terrifying.

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What does your username mean?

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We're all cynical too.

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James fucking Brown. Welccome

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I hate your avatar. Otherwise, welcome! I'm sure you'll fit in with all the other cynical brats we have here!

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Welcome, man. If you don't already, I'm sure you will come to love Vinny. It's impossible not to, right?

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@camp7203 said:

I still fire up my old 3DO, TurboDuo, and my NES [...]

The newblood is bringin' the street cred!

For monsieur's audiovisual pleasure, the chef has prepared a special menu:

Giant Bombcast - Weekly podcast, updated every Tuesday. The first 15 minutes or so of this week's Bombcast are particularly great.
Endurance Run archive - Members of the staff play through AN ENTIRE GODDAMN GAME! Personally, I enjoyed the Persona 4 Endurance Run the best.

Welcome to to the site, duder!

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@camp7203: Welcome duder, you've got a lot of videos to watch and catch up on!

I personally reccomend the dragonball evolution quick look.

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@camp7203: Welcome! I remember back when I joined, I got some interesting comments on my welcome thread. Well, it was actually a mix of interesting comments along with sketches of anthropomorphized piles of excrement sporting enormous genitalia.

You know, it's funny, at PAX East when I finally met some of you folks in person, I said that one of the reasons I liked this site was because people were friendly. The universal response I got from every duder was... "Friendly? Really??"

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Welcome to Giant Bomb, duder!