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After the strategical acquisition of Brad Nicholson for this most fabulous of news sites, we're left with a referential confusion here, as a community. This concerns everyone, for there can be only one Brad. And this one and true Brad has to be the one that dies a lot. So that means we need a new name for the new Brad. What do You guys suggest? 
My clever suggestions are: "New Brad", "Brad 2" and "Other Brad" (Or simply "The Other"). 
My apologies if someone already made this tread.  

#2 Posted by DeadPan (346 posts) -

The other Brad sounds good

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#4 Posted by Weltal (2275 posts) -

Though he might destroy you through the interwebs with his massive muscles if you call him that.

#5 Posted by Pinworm45 (4088 posts) -

Less sexy-sounding Brad. 
No, I haven't heard him speak. I don't need to to know he can't compare.

#6 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

New Brad reminds me of New Brian on family guy, and nobody likes New Brian.
I prefer Brad2

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The Lesser Brad.  Or perhaps, given his recent activity, "News Brad."  Although, to do the site justice, I think it can only be a completely intentionally terrible pun of some kind.

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Big Brad???

#10 Posted by Cwaff (1260 posts) -

Brad 2.0

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#12 Posted by ectoplasma (987 posts) -

Love your suggestions, keep it coming.  
It should also be worth stating that Brad Nicholson shouldn't have any right in influencing his new name. Power to the people!

#13 Posted by Yummylee (22498 posts) -

Nicholson...such a kickass sir name.

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#15 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2778 posts) -

I prefer the new Brad just be called Brad and the old Brad we can call BShoemaker
#16 Posted by CharkeeFarlee (896 posts) -
@ectoplasma said:
"  It should also be worth stating that Brad Nicholson shouldn't have any right in influencing his new name. Power to the people! "
Damn straight!
I like Brad 2.0
#17 Posted by BeachThunder (12390 posts) -

Other B or maybe Other Br.

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#19 Posted by ectoplasma (987 posts) -

Nicky B!

#20 Posted by bushpusherr (845 posts) -

Brad Jr.

#21 Posted by Mono_Listo (428 posts) -

On the topic of Brad. I hate Brad. For a very petty reason: his voice is identical to the guy that handles service for my car. And that bastard never gets it right and makes me visit the repair shop over and over for the same problem.
No fault of his own. But if I could Hogan Leg Drop him I would. 
Just kidding. Kind of. All that said, his reviews tend to be the best.

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@Elazul said:
" Bradolson.  Done. "
Combine it with the Voice joke! Bradolescent.
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Evil Brad.
We could call them GB and EB for short.
I'm also all for calling new Brad Brad, and Old Brad Shoebacca.

#26 Posted by Elazul (1327 posts) -
@Tylea002 said:
" @Elazul said:
" Bradolson.  Done. "
Combine it with the Voice joke! Bradolescent. "
Sorry, I'm not sure I follow you.
#27 Posted by AlwaysAngry (2866 posts) -

Brad Nicholson...

#28 Posted by Captain_Insano (1563 posts) -

I'm going to be unoriginal here and just go with the last name. Nicholson.
No first name references (only confuses matters in this case). Plus Nicholson is an easy off the cuff last name to use.

#29 Posted by nanikore (2740 posts) -
@AlwaysAngry said:
" Brad Nicholson... "
#30 Posted by Herreno (333 posts) -

New Game Brad

#31 Posted by Legend (2661 posts) -

I have an idea! How about we just call him Brad? I like to make people confused.

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@ectoplasma said:
" Nicky B! "
I like this. I'm going with this.
#34 Posted by Jambones (1696 posts) -
@AlwaysAngry said:

" Brad Nicholson... "

Heeeey! I like it! It's unique to him and we won't get him confused with the other Brad *High fives* 
Using Nicholson and Shoemaker, while not terribly personal, seems like the best solution to me. Though of the other, more concise, nicknames Bradolson seems most fitting if you want to go that route.
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@JonathanMoore said:

" Chet. "

This is the answer.
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@Herreno said:
" New Game Brad "
Change to "New Brad +" and you've got yourself a deal.
#38 Posted by Sweep (8973 posts) -

I think the two Brads should fight for the name "Brad" and the loser should then be called "Brail" (a combination of "brad" and "fail")

#39 Posted by Binman88 (3690 posts) -
@nanikore said:

" @AlwaysAngry said:

" Brad Nicholson... "

Bricholson?  Brich?  Brick? "
I think Brick is probably the best one. It's catchy, and I'm sure if everyone keeps referring to him as Brick, the name will stick.
#40 Posted by Detrian (1126 posts) -

I prefer not being a child and including their other names when referring to them instead.

#41 Posted by ButtonsMcBoomBoom (128 posts) -

Jim Sterling's Man Baby, or Muscles.

#42 Posted by BraveFart (298 posts) -

Fake brad or Wannabe Brad

#43 Posted by Brodehouse (10124 posts) -

I say we just rename old Brad to Bradimir Shoemakov.

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The TEE.
#47 Posted by DCFGS3 (1054 posts) -

the iBrad 2.0

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Edit: turns out two other people posted it, and I thought I was being original :(

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